genetics or chomosomes?

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Apr 21, 2011
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does anyone know for a fact (experience) what happens when clones are taken from a female plant that turned hermie? basically do i need new parent plants(non-hermied) or can i still successfully flower my cuttings without growing seeds?
If you are talking clones from a plant that has hermied then the clone will hermie too. The hormones that support hermorphidites is persent in all parts of a hermied plant.
the strain hermy, but unless stressed there is no seeds, great pot, the bubba kush, but i want to know is if there is any way to keep the strain alive without seeing seeds.
If it hermied be it naturally a hermie or from stress the pollen produced is very seldom sterile and in most cases it produces seeds that carry the hermie genetics to the future generations of seeds.
check every day and pick the male flowers off is the only way I know of and then you still have a chance of popping a male flower and seeding you other plants. IMO a hermied plant is not worth the time or risk to keep around my other virgin plants.
have you seen this problem before oz, because i am trying to veg some of theses cuttings and it would save me some time to know the real deal. i dont want to go buy new clones, so i am trying to keep my strains alive, am i wasting my time or can it be done. i have bubba and o.g kush, and also the G.C. or green crack. these are great strains and hard to find replica's ya know.
When I have a plant hermie it dead as soon as I see the male flowers. The one time I have clones from a plant that had hermied I thought the mother turning hermie might have been from some abuse I had done but the cloned that had had no abuse still hermied so IMO/E clones from a hermie are still hermies and not worth the time and effort it takes to grow them. If you put them outside you are taking a chance of seeding others crops for miles around you and that just spreads the hermie genetics that breeder have been working for 100's of yrs to get rid of.
Hi Herb,
I understand your wish to keep the strain that produces good smoke but it really isnt worth the risk, I dont care how good the smoke it. If you have one plant and it hermies, self seeds and you end up picking seeds out of your smoke thats one thing but if this plant hermies, then pollenates the rest of your plants you will wish you had killed it!
Stay frosty dude. W
so pollen and hormones keep the hermie generation alive, but without going to the next generation (of seedlings) does the female genetics override the hormones in the plant or does the charactoristics of having seeds continue to the next line of clones regardless of the original genetic makeup, because i have heard that some chromosomal changes can occur when the plant is stessed and these changes will or may carry on to the cutting. is this true?
A clone is a genetic replica of the plant it was taken from...if it came from a plant that hermied then you can fully expect the clones to do the same. Jmo
woody, that is what happened, and now i need to know some fact about plants in order to make a correct decision here. money is an issue as well as new clones, so can this be done or is it a scientific anomolly.
thanks for the good advise everyone and i agree completely but am still a little unsure as to whether or not i was screwed already or there was or is a chance to nip this problem in the bud.
At what point in flower are they showing as hermaphrodite? The only way they wld even have a chance at staying in my lineup is if it is certified FIRE and if it only threw nanners very late in flower...otherwise it wld be gone.
If the plant hermied throw it on the compost pile its just not worth the head aches of trying to keep other plants unseeded. Once a plant is a hermie it will always be a hermie.
ozzydiodude said:
If the plant hermied throw it on the compost pile its just not worth the head aches of trying to keep other plants unseeded. Once a plant is a hermie it will always be a hermie.

I don't think he will listen until someone chimes in with the answer he wants....
hamster, the strain i have has always been capable of herming out, but with proper technique it was not a problem. the reason i said genetics vs chomosomes is because genetically they were all female and still are, but when male flowers started to grow and pollenated my feminized strains all hell broke lose. if the genetics are the same i need not worry, but i am worried about the new charactoristic's being passed down genetically, is that possible?

i hear you hamster and oz, i've done this for more than ten years successfully and need some scientific facts not opinions.

this is the first time i had this problem and now im dealing with it thats all.

hamster, stay in your fake building and study some more science because to me it sounds like you don't know much about either. but thanks anyway, not.
well i guess i'll hit the bong and then the books because stoners are good at smoking weed and scientist at science.
All plants that hermie pass on the hermie genetics. Look at all the femmed seeds that are basically seeds from plants that one of the plants was forced to become male(chemically or stressed induced), in just about every breeder's seeds you fined female , males and hermie. With any seeds from a crossing with a hermie you have a good chance of having a hermie.

This is from Marijuana Botany by Robert Clarke
full book is here: hXXp://
i) Sex - Attempts to breed offspring of only one sexual type have led to more misunderstanding than any other facet of Cannabis genetics. The discoveries of McPhee (1925) and Schaffner (1928) showed that pure sexual type and hermaphrodite conditions are inherited and that the percentage of sexual types could be altered by crossing with certain hermaphrodites. Since then it has generally been assumed by researchers and breeders that a cross between ANY unselected hermaphrodite plant and a pistillate seed-parent should result in a population of all pistillate offspring. This is not the case. In most cases, the offspring of hermaphrodite parents tend toward hermaphrodism, which is largely unfavorable for the production of Cannabis other than fiber hemp. This is not to say that there is no tendency for hermaphrodite crosses to alter sex ratios in the offspring. The accidental release of some pollen from predominantly pistillate hermaphrodites, along with the complete eradication of nearly every staminate and staminate hermaphrodite plant may have led to a shift in sexual ratio in domestic populations of sinsemilla drug Cannabis. It is commonly observed that these strains tend toward 60% to 80% pistillate plants and a few pistillate hermaphrodites are not uncommon in these populations.

However, a cross can be made which will produce nearly all pistillate or staminate individuals. If the proper pistillate hermaphrodite plant is selected as the pollen-parent and a pure pistillate plant is selected as the seed-parent it is possible to produce an F1, and subsequent generations, of nearly all pistillate offspring. The proper pistillate hermaphrodite pollen-parent is one which has grown as a pure pistillate plant and at the end of the sea son, or under artificial environmental stress, begins to develop a very few staminate flowers. If pollen from these few staminate flowers forming on a pistillate plant is applied to a pure pistillate seed parent, the resulting F1 generation should be almost all pistillate with only a few pistillate hermaphrodites. This will also be the case if the selected pistillate hermaphrodite pollen source is selfed and bears its own seeds. Remember that a selfed hermaphrodite gives rise to more hermaphrodites, but a selfed pistillate plant that has given rise to a limited number of staminate flowers in response to environmental stresses should give rise to nearly all pistillate offspring. The F1 offspring may have a slight tendency to produce a few staminate flowers under further environmental stress and these are used to produce F2 seed. A monoecious strain produces 95+% plants with many pistillate and staminate flowers, but a dioecious strain produces 95+% pure pistillate or staminate plants. A plant from a dioecious strain with a few inter sexual flowers is a pistillate or staminate hermaphrodite. Therefore, the difference between monoecism and her maphrodism is one of degree, determined by genetics and environment.

Crosses may also be performed to produce nearly all staminate offspring. This is accomplished by crossing a pure staminate plant with a staminate plant that has produced a few pistillate flowers due to environmental stress, or selfing the latter plant. It is readily apparent that in the wild this is not a likely possibility. Very few staminate plants live long enough to produce pistillate flowers, and when this does happen the number of seeds produced is limited to the few pistillate flowers that occur. In the case of a pistillate hermaphrodite, it may produce only a few staminate flowers, but each of these may produce thou sands of pollen grains, any one of which may fertilize one of the plentiful pistillate flowers, producing a seed. This is another reason that natural Cannabis populations tend toward predominantly pistillate and pistillate hermaphrodite plants. Artificial hermaphrodites can be produced by hormone sprays, mutilation, and altered light cycles. These should prove most useful for fixing traits and sexual type.

Drug strains are selected for strong dioecious tendencies. Some breeders select strains with a sex ratio more nearly approaching one than a strain with a high pistillate sex ratio. They believe this reduces the chances of pistillate plants turning hermaphrodite later in the season.
the original, real, bubba kush cut will NOT hermie. I have tested it "very" thoroughly. ;)
That said, if "any" plant/strain requires ideal conditions in order to not produce staminate flowers, it is weak in the genetic department and should be culled "IMO" and should NEVER be considered a candidate for breeding.

hamster, stay in your fake building and study some more science because to me it sounds like you don't know much about either. but thanks anyway, not.
What hammy has told you is true. Just because you don't "like" it, is no reason to start insults.

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