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Feb 11, 2006
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I havent had any luck trying to start growing, I got about 7 seeds from my buddies that we picked out of weed they are all a brownish color. I germinate them and they dont start to germinate. I am trying to use paper towels becuase we dont have a wal mart around to get somthin else does any bpdy else have an Idea, how wet is the paper towl supposed to be can it be too wet am I drowning them I need help
I doubt if they are too wet to at least crack. I've germinated in straight h2o, just drop em in and wait for them to split, and plant. (not my recommended method)

Whats your temps?? Sometimes a nice warm bed helps.
they are under my bed, and they did crack they just havnt grown any little stem or anyhthig the first time I planted them right after they cracked because I thought they were good but they didnt sprout after like a week and a half I decide to regerminate
Plant 1/2" deep in quality potting soil (NOT miracle grow), on their sides.
Keep the soil lightly moist.
Send me a dollar.
I did what you siad I half inch deep I then sprinkled dirt over the hole, so can I plant them right once they crack or do they need to grow a little stem, should I Water tham allot right once I plant them
and ganja what do you mean by send me a dollar
one more thing do I put a light on them before they sprout from the soil or not?
how long did u wait while they are germinating. You put them on a plate between the wet paper towels and then what i do is cover the plate with saran wrap and put them in a dark spot at room temperature or a littlee warmer. The paper towels should not be soaked just wet enough that if u squeeze them lots of water doent drip off them. My seeds took about 2 days then i saw little white roots coming out the cracks and thats when u plant them. I think that is your problem your seeing they cracked so your planting them right away and not waithing for the root tip to come out. I could be wrong if you let them keep germinating after they cracked.
Plant 1/2" deep in quality potting soil (NOT miracle grow), on their sides.
Keep the soil lightly moist.
Send me a dollar.
Thanks ganja'. That is the "prefferred method" that I referred to. But failed to include it.
Right into the dirt, no fuss no muss, no extra steps in handling the delicate embryo.
I will, occasionally soak them overnite, 12-24 hours in water. I think it helps to 'soften' the hurd a little.

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