Good neighbor?

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Jan 6, 2006
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Well, in my neck of the woods we had a nice warm spell. Almost like an early spring. Well, I was out back and was cleaning up some branches. I looked in the back corner of my lot and over the fence in my "very conservative religous" neighbors yard is a 1 1/2' plant. He has a teenager (little sneaky one at that) that I seen go back there.

As a good neighbor should I tell him or just rip it up myself. I don't want the attention near me for obvious reasons and nor would I like to see him get into trouble. (despite his veiws, he is a great neighbor and keeps to himself). I know he isn't cool from conversations. I think he is oblivious to what is growing there. I can reach it from my side of the fence easily. and can do it quick.
Or should I mind my own business.
What do you guys think?
Mind your own business. What if they were YOUR plants and the role were reversed.
I think you would be awfully pissed if someone tore up your plants if you had any.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
Id give it a little "bolt in the night" action and tug that bastard up. This will eliminate you being a narc and the kid retaliating on you with some late night vandalism. ALTHOUGH if he is that sneaky and he is not punished for his actions, he will most likly:
A) plant another one 75%
B) move somewhere else and plant another one (still will bring attention) 15%
C) quit his growing adventure 10%
And if his plant just up and disappears one day, it will leave the kid to get paranoid and use his imagination to explore all the possible scenarios as to where it went. This should prove to be a pretty big mind **** if the teenager has any brains. At least that’s what I think I would do when I was a teenager. I know it would really screw with me. BESIDES, if this group really is one of those holy rollers, the kid is just going to deny it and possibly blame it on you. You know how trusting those people can be of thier kids and how they can do no wrong.......

I think anything that brings less attention to you would be the best course of action
Mind your own business. What if they were YOUR plants and the role were reversed.
I think you would be awfully pissed if someone tore up your plants if you had any.

Sorry Ogoff, I am going with Your moms box on this one. I wouldn't be pissed because I wouldn't want to get busted. The thing is in the corner adjascent to my property and two other houses.

No person with any brains would plant that thing where it is right now.
In my neighborhood that thing will be in plain site in a month or two. we have a cop that could see it from the road that lives really close. (he drives slow going to work and is very nosey. I don't need the heat and would not even think of having an outdoor grow where I live. No I am not planning on being a narc, but that kind of shit freaks me out. After my grow is going full speed again, what if drug dogs showed up next door????. I'd be fucked.

edit: key note, it is 2 feet away from a cable junction box that supplies the three houses around me. I'm worried about a tech too.

So a branch is going to magically appear stuck in my side of the fence and rip. fuckers compost. I like your thinking You Moms Box. give the kid a brain fry. (Do my parents know???? :eek: ). Little paranoia never hurt anyone. :)

Thanks everyone for you advice. I just never had this kind of situation pop up. I never plan to be a narc. just this situation is wierd. I would never rat someone out. but I got kids and when they do wrong the other parents call me up. I don't think this is narcing. Just helping each other out. So this was new territory for me.
No problem with me. I totally understand. It is just my opinion.
You have to do, what you have to do.

I would try to make it look like an animal dug it up.
Unearth is and plant is next to his mailbox or drive way. Put that shit outfront so they can be proud. Plus, the odds of two people growing ont he same street have to be slim, cops would never be on to you. Wear gloves and make sure the ground is dry.
you should take a pick, is it flowering yet? if it is, you scored,lol...
Militia if it was in flower it would have been hanging up drying out right now. :D

Its torn out and put in my compost pile. I feel much better with it not there.

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