Got rid of SpiderMites, Got New Problems


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May 19, 2006
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So my mite infestation is now gone. To finally get rid of them i took advice from around the fourms and I got a product called end all, wasn't doing much there were thousands of mites, took hicks advice and used masking tape stuck it to the leaves and peel off, off came the majority of the mites, then again i took hicks greaty advice i gave her a harsh shower in my tub. after all of this I used some Raid Natural plant bug killer and it sure killed them all. The next day, the plant looks some what droopyier around the bottom of the plant and everywhere where ther was new growth at the top was burned brown,(only 25% brown patches on new growth sprouts still some hope). there is some of the leaves dammaged from the spider mites and many of them have turned a light green colour. is there anything i can do to help her she isnt looking so hot and its just freshly into flower. I am currently using DNF fertilizer but i havent ferted for about 11 days. I dont know what to do ahhhhhhhhh

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