Spider mite in one plant

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Jun 30, 2022
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Hello all hope everyone is having an awesome growing experience . I ran into a problem today and was pro active I have 7 plants in two tents in an enclosed sealed outer tent to keep the humidity and temp more stable . Well my ice cream cake unfortunately had spider mites and it’s week 4 of flower. I used 29% hydrogen peroxide and did 1 cup of peroxide to 10 cups of water and sprayed it on the soil and also spread Nuke Em which also kills spider mites. On the folliar spray I used a brush and alcohol and water and dish soap and spray it and brushed the leaves up and under and the stem . I isolated that plant and inspected my other 6 and only one had a problem fungus ngat so I treated that with ipm and mosquito bits crushed in water. I’m freaking out bc it’s lights on and can’t really folliar spray all of them I will wait til tmrw morning before turning lights off. What am I to do I’m sorry for long post . Should I throw her away or keep her isolated I’m lost sad depressed anxious it’s my tallest plant too :(
Also I’m not exactly sure if it’s spider mite I didn’t take a picture they were tiny black things that moved pretty quickly and I seen them only in the soil didn’t notice webbing or on the leafs I didn’t expect too much on the leaves as I was having an anxiety attack and was treating the soil first as I seen many of them crawling . Now I did see some white fuzz days ago on the soil. I posted it the other day and was told not to worry about it I over watered


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sounds like gnats if you can see them running in the soil and you do not see any webbing on the plant , you have a good chance of saving that plant
If they are just on the soil, they are probably fungus gnats. Spider mites will generally be on the underside of the leaves and you will start to see small lighter spots on the leaves they are feeding on. Fungus gnats and mold on the soil surface are both indicators that your soil is too damp.

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