Fungus ngat week 4 veg

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when I switched over from fox farm and other soil retail sellers to ProMix the gnats disappeared , no nasties in the ProMix

try it and compare ProMix to whatever else one is using
What do you do with promix, is it just used for one grow, like dirt? I.E., not reusable, right? One of my biggest problems is getting rid of all the old dirt.

Hello everyone for some reason my email didn’t notify me of this forum activity !! So glad to ready everyone input and thank you . So , i believe what caused the gnats is over watering and doing 2-3 times a week with humidity of 85-65 for couple days . Also I had a humidifier in there and I had water sitting from the over watering . I used mosquito bits and the trick is to use hot hott water . It activates the bacteria it isn’t harmful to humans but to these gnat it will put a whole in their stomach at least for the larvae. The adults idk I will have to find a way . Honestly my humidity has been at 50-40 thankfully and I have watered 2 times a week only . And it’s produced these results from the images . Also I found there is a droplet made by mosquito bit u do one drop per feed every time and it’s enough to keep these fuckers at bay . Also I mix some neem oil I spoil these putis ;) also have been doing ton of LST and got clips from Amazon for sure it is worth it. I want flat canopy and in two days I will set up second tent 🙏🏼🙌🏼🌬


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insect it and then put it on your soil...avoid using azamax or neem on the soil, it does more harm than good prohibiting oxygen from getting at the root system...frass is decades old and works, big grow outfits don't want you to know about...kinda like big pharma's games
I used Yellow fly swatters with Petroleum jelly smeared on the swatter. I cut the fat end of the wire handle off and stick the swatter in the pot. The gnats are attracted to the yellow swatter and stick to it.
Hello everyone !! So far fungus ngats are at bay may done a 4 th treatment with mosquito bits and warm water and a little soap !! But these are how they look now week 6 and the leaves are already pungent!! Been doing a lot of LST as you can see a semi flatten canopy . Originally I was going to put 4 in another tent but with utility bills going up I decided to Let the grow complete in this 5x5 tent . It’s week 6-7 of veggie planning on another 10 days and then flipping . Any suggestion folks for a packed tent like mines ? What to look out for ? Thank you 🙌🏼🙏🏼 also what is your opinion on calcium amino acids to help combat mold and mildew and strengthen defense system. I’m worried it’s getting crowded in there and my humidity is between 35-50%


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Nice, I just came to tell you about Mosquito bits (BTI) the trick is to make a tea with the bits and then water. (sounds like you already are). It works vvery well for me, in fact I water the new soil with BTI just in case.... This stops them before they ever start.

(Cooking soil in the oven is another way to keep the numbers down, all of my new Fox Farm soil has fungus gnats in it unless I cook it to around 180 degrees)
I hadn't heard that for a long time but I have done it. Piled dirt on a huge cookie sheet and I think we went to 225 and let it bake for an hour.

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