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Aug 10, 2023
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Hey fellow smokers I wanted to let you guys in on a story that I can now say has a finish to it. I moved to New México just about two years ago. We were there about for two weeks just before the first snow fall and I notice a very young deer that just started growing

antlers, I guessed around a year old or so. He was not able to stand up and that is when I noticed a huge, long cut on his right back leg about 10 inches long and had a lot of dried blood on it. As any deer would be he was nervous and tried to stand up but had lots of issues with that back leg. I started off by throwing him corn and apples and then called a vet and purchased some very high protein pellets and started to feed and water him. after some time, he would let me actually touch him and eventually let me help get him walking again. Well, He became almost like my dam dog, and I would go get my chair and sit and smoke a fatty with him under the tree, so I named him (Stoner). The good thing was he would not let anyone else get close to him but me, which is what I wanted to do to make him independent and eventually leave on his own when he was ready. Well, he did leave eventually, and I often wondered how he was doing. Well, it has been roughly a year or more and I was outside yesterday and noticed a group of young bucks on the other side of the street as I was getting in my truck, I happened to notice that one of them crossed the street and was walking towards me. I instantly knew who it was from the scar on his leg. I called to him and to my amazement he walked right up to me, and I let him get just so close because he is a wild buck but as the second video will show he just kept on coming until he let me scratch his head. Anyway, I went in and got him some apples and he stayed with me for about an hour then walked off. I had tears in my eyes at that time but felt that things came to a full circle because this morning he was under my tree where I found him at.
I read a story once by a guy who had planted a garden. He had a problem keeping one particular young doe out of it, and as she 'seemed' friendly enough over time, his dumb self decided to throw a rope around her neck and 'gently' lead her out of his garden.

From the part of his story where "THAT DEER EXPLODED!" to its final word, it was hilarity of the first degree, the way he told it...although that little doe left him cut and bruised and scared to death, curled up in a fetal position on the ground.

I've personally seen an adult deer fully clear a 25 foot wide subdivision road with one leap.

Much respect.

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