Greetings from Beirut

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Sir Kaos

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Mar 31, 2011
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Hey all,

Im Sir Kaos from beirut - Lebanon. Found you forum through google.

Looking forward to the experience.

Meanwhile I have few questions that I will post in relative sections. Hope to get some answers.

thx :)
Welcome Sir Kaos,

I've visited Beirut in the late 70's, scary stuff! Mortars can really spoil your day, to hell with rockets, they hit you before you even hear them but mortars really suck as they tell you with their 'crump' on the horizon they are in the air and give you about 6 seconds for your arse to get nicely puckered up and wait for the whistle as it comes down and if you hear sound of air passing over the projectile you know you are in the lap of the Gods and it all go's 'help me mummy! for a millisec and then it hits 3 blocks away and you are gurgling like a drain with nervous laughter at some other poor sap that happened to be stood in the wrong place!

I've been working with some Landrace Lebanese as it happens, called my initial F1 cross of the 1989 UK Exodus Cheese x Real Seeds Leb landrace....................... Bekaa Valley High, wasn't stellar pot to be honest but might have promise as a high CBD strain.

Anyways, hands across the water from the UK to the Cedars of Lebanon.:ciao:

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