growing shrooms..

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Mar 4, 2006
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anyone try growing shrooms? my buddy sent me a link to this site where i believe he bought his shroom grower kit..

thought it might be cool to grow some shrooms..might as well, i gotta plant growing..see what else i could grow right? plus trippin on shrooms is sooo damn fun! just wanted to see if anyone else has done it and if it's worth it..
I did it once but got molded. If you want to learn head over to the its a forum for mycology. ;)
Way over-priced.

You can make your entire setup for about $60.

You can ask in our forums, or go to Shroomery. :)
Do a search on Shroomery for: "TiTs, PmPs, PF Tek", all that stuff. Or, just read the FAQs.

Since you're asking a question on a fruiting chamber, I guess you pretty much know how to grow them already. :)
i wanna trip out on some shrooms!!
niiiice..thanks for the info guys...this summer is gonna be awesome!..and very (in da gadda of eda..softly plays in the background)..
I grow shrooms. I use a grain based Mycobag. Much easier than using agar.
it was soooo hard to do took forever ,contamination sucks . I think I got 10 shrooms out of millions of spores and by the time they popped up I was pregnant and couldnt try them, yep

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