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Guide to Making Kind Kandy


Feb 6, 2013
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Guide for Making Dispensary Grade Kind Kandy

Mastering tincture is a very important part of making truly potent Kind Kandy and getting the most out of your weed.

Disclaimer: My recipe is never done evolving. Check this post regularly for updates.

I thought starting small scale with an 1/8 oz. of kind would appeal to the biggest audience.

Step 1: Baking the Kind

You need to bake the kind to a temperature close to what it gets when you smoke it to convert the THCA to THC before you extract it using alcohol.

What you’ll need:
151 proof Rum, Everclear or equivalent (The higher proof the better)
Coffee grinder or something to chop the high quality kind with
1/8 oz. of high quality kind
8 oz. wide mouth Mason jar
Tin foil


1. Take out any unnecessary oven racks so that they don’t get in the way and put the one rack in the middle of the oven.

2. Preheat your oven to 330°.

3. Chop an 1/8 oz. of high quality kind into very fine pieces (A coffee grinder works best).


4. Turn on your oven fan and any other vents you have around the area because it will smell up the house pretty good. Consider doing this late at night when your neighbors are sleeping.

5. Spread the chopped kind over a sheet of tin foil (a piece that’s approximately a foot long) and put it in the preheated oven directly on the oven rack on the middle shelf for 5 minutes.

(This was a ¼ ounce split into two halves for my testing purposes.)

6. Now remove it and let cool. The tin foil is safe to grab with your fingers, it won’t be very hot because it’s reflective.


Step 2: Making the Tincture

1. Scrape the weed onto the side of the foil and then bend the foil into a funnel shape and pour the baked kind into the 8 oz. wide mouth Mason jar.

2. Pour 2 oz. of 151 proof Rum, Everclear or equivalent into the Mason jar that contains your baked kind (2 oz. of Alcohol for every 1/8 oz. of weed).


3. Put the lid on the Mason jar and shake well.

4. Shake the jar every few hours for a 24 hour period. The longer the better.


Step 3: Concentration & Extraction by Hot Bath

This step is to extract all of the activated THC out of the baked kind and to concentrate the liquid by speeding up evaporation.

What you’ll need:
Extra Mason jar (An empty one)
Candy thermometer
Coffee Filter
Cooking Pot


1. Mark the jar at the 1/2 way up point with a marker. You’ll give it a hot bath until half of the tincture has evaporated away. Probably around 25 minutes or so.

2. Fill a pot or pan with about an inch of water. Take the lid off of the Mason jar containing the tincture and put it in the center of the pot. Be careful not to put too much water into the pot! You don’t want the jar to float and tip over in the water. Keep in mind that the boiling water will try to tip it over.


3. Put you candy thermometer in the tincture jar and turn on heat.

4. Your target temperature is 170°. Do not exceed 172° because 173 is the boiling point of ethanol and you don’t want it to boil away the THC! You’ll have to keep an eye on it until you reach your target temperature and then adjust the heat up and down to stay on target.

Keep in mind that these temperatures need to be lower if you live at high altitude. Google what temperature ethanol boils in your area to see what it is and then don’t exceed that.

If you go over the temp it’s not the end of the world, you’ll be okay, just do your best to keep it to a minimum.

If your cooking pot starts running low on water then microwave some water to make it hot in an empty Mason jar and then carefully pour into the hot bath to replenish the water. (You can always use a wider pan that can hold more water if you want to avoid this step next time) You’ll figure it out.

5. Stir the tincture with a fork every once in a while because the weed will settle to the bottom.

6. After 20 minutes check to see if you are down to the mark you made on the jar to know about how much longer you need to do the hot bath. You simply want to hit that mark.

7. Once you’re down to the mark then remove and let cool.

Step 4: Filtration

1. Take a coffee filter and put it over the top of the tincture. Now screw on only the ring part of the Mason jar lid to trap in the filter. It makes a perfect filter holder!


2. Now you need to find a glass container, (try to avoid using plastic containers because the THC will stick to it) that can catch your filtered tincture while holding the jar on a slanted angle as seen in the picture.

3. Now poke a carb into the section that is furthest away from the tincture to allow it to breath and filter quickly.


4. Once it’s almost done, carefully take off the filter and squeeze the remaining tincture through the filter.


5. Optional: A garlic press can get the last drops out.

6. Pour the filtered tincture into a clean, dry Mason jar and put on the lid. You now have potent, concentrated, and activated tincture!

7. Optional: Aging the tincture in the fridge for a week gives it a more mature floral taste. Leave the lid on for this process.

The site will only let me post 12 pictures so you'll have to Google Kind Kandy for the rest of the recipe but here is a preview of how they turn out..

Here is my premix of tincture, flavoring and other ingredients:

This is towards the end of the process:

Here is the final product, use any mold that you like:

I appreciate your comments and feedback. Especially if you've made a break through. If you have, please message me to make sure I get it.


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Jun 25, 2009
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Great stuff KK - I'll have to give this a shot. Thanks!


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Dec 1, 2007
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yeah thanks...I been wanting to try hard candies....Thanks for shareing this

take care and be safe


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Nov 7, 2008
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YA could just add a few drops or so,, to some soda pop or something right?


Feb 6, 2013
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WeedHopper said:
YA could just add a few drops or so,, to some soda pop or something right?
Yeah, if you don't want to make candy you could put the tincture in a drink or just shoot it by itself. The candy tastes good though. I used red velvet flavoring in this example.

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