Gummies and sandwiches

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Nov 17, 2022
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Dark side of the moon
I made my first batch of gummies but wasn’t ready for it to be that thick so instead of the molds I bought for it I wound up putting the mix on a baking sheet, sprayed with Pam, and put a piece of wax paper over it allowing me to spread it out. After cooling I will cut it into strips.

But what to do with the cannabis strained when separating the oil?

I made a sandwich. I put the ground up leftovers spread between two slices of bread then wrapped the sandwich with plastic wrap so the outside won’t go stale. My thinking is no matter how much you try you can’t get all the infused oil. So I am letting the bread pull out the last of the oil. In a couple of hours I will check and I am hoping the last of the oil seeps into the bread so I throw out the residue and make a coconut oil infused sandwich with the bread.

We will see

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