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Feb 26, 2006
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Hey guys. First post here. Just thought I'd introduce myself.

At the moment I am going to school (UTI) and am taking classes to be an auto technician.

Last night I smoked a blunt of dro with three other people. I can't tell you how much I had because I was drunk. Anyway, that was the second time I've smoked since last April, so I've had nothing in my system since last night.

Anyway, I was wondering how far people can legally test back with a hair test. I have been told that they can only test as far back as three months and others have said seven years.

I'm about 5'8", weigh 150lbs, short blonde hair that is thin, uhhh...not much body fat. Probably around 10%. 19 right now, 20 in June.

Anyway I've been wondering how long you think it should take me to pass a drug test and the info on the hair test.

Sorry if this is all broken up and it doesn't flow, I'm still a bit messed up from all I had to drink. Stupid hangovers.

Thanks :)
first of all im not sure about the hair test . sounds scary to me . my neighbor told me to ask the same question in here because there gonna start hair samplings next year and hes been working for the railroad for 30 years. the best advice i can give you is to shave everything bald and tell them your just a body builder that hasnt made it anywhere yet lol. i heard all kinds of stuff in here about it vinegar , shampoos, ect ect but if you shave bald atleast you can procrastonate it till you get the facts on how long it stays in you system by hair samplings .if not you maybe able to dye your hair the same color the same day of test it may screw with it some and maybe not . but i honestly hope some one in here can help give you some facts besides shaving . ps you may also make sure it is out of your urine the same day too if you cant give them a hair sample they may goahead and take a urine sample till your hair grows out .people in this forum says suregel or pectin that you make jello with works within 2 hours of test with alot of water . people in here swear by it . i myself swear that alcaselter works right then and there with a glass of water but is very very nasty but dam well works within 5 min or less and keeps working for hours . well hope someone else can give you better advice on your hair deal .
i would just die your hair allot, they cant catch THC in die? right?
Blondie406 said the following in another thread:

I have passed a test twice under two different conditions.

The first time, I hadn't smoked in 5 months and decided to take a few tokes at a Jack Johnson concert. About a month later, I interviewed for a job that required a hair test. I didn't have much knowledge about it so I figured I better do some research...I found out that it usually takes two weeks for it to get into the folicles and the test goes back around 4 months. So I thought that I was screwed.

I found several shampoos on the market and decided to go with the Clear Choice. I followed the directions and took the test about an hour after I used the product. I passed. You have a better chance if you have lighter finer hair. I do.

I thought I was in the clear and started smoking everyday because I thought I had the job. Well, the placed dicked around and waited to hire me 3 months later and my test had expired. I was screwed!!! I ordered the stuff again and thought I would be fine. When I got it, there was a warning on it that the tests were stricter now and they couldn't promise that it would work. I freaked out and did some more research and found a natural way that many people sweared by. I soaked my hair in vinager for about 10 minutes. I left it in and then put an acne wash on my hair that has syliatic acid or however you spell it. I massaged it in my head for about 5 minutes. Then you wash your hair in Tide because it is the best. ONLY TIDE. Wash it goood. Then you wash it with an aloe shampoo. Aloe coats your hair and helps it. Don''t blowdry your hair or put anything in it when you are done and take the test between 1 and 3 hours after you do this process! IT WORKS!!!
I am not sure how true this is but I know somebody whos wife had to take a drug test during a divorce and she bleached her hair, it worked and nothinf showed up
Thanks for the information guys. I appreciate it. I'm not expecting to be hair tested soon maybe in 4-7 months, but nothing before that. So I'm pretty sure it will be out of my hair by then (since I try to cut my hair around 2-3 times a month).

I know my school does random drug tests which are either urinalysis or that saliva test, but I'm not real worried about being chosen for one of those since only 1% of the students get tested.

The weird thing is that if I worry about it nothing will happen. If I don't worry about it I will get screwed somehow.

Thanks again!

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