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Jun 27, 2005
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Eleven weeks total from sprouted seeds, (hydro/nft system), 5 weeks veg and 6 weeks flower (12/12/) tomorrow. Have already sampled some of the smaller, lower buds that ripened early and OMG, I can only imagine what this stuff will be like when it cures.
2 strains: Global Northen Light (sativa) and Starlight (indica). Been flushing with clean pH bal water for last five days. Tallest plant was almost 3.5 feet.

Many thanks to Diseased Strain (who answered my very first newbie post nearly 3 months ago!), and also to Ganja Guru whose wisdom is both inspiring and invaluable, and also my man bizzy (thanks dude!). I have so many others I'd like to thank--
I'd like to thank the academy...

Seriously, couldn't have produced this first crop without all the help I got from folks on this site, so thanks to all!


11weeks 004.jpg

11weeks 005.jpg

11weeks 006.jpg

11weeks 007.jpg

11weeks 001.jpg

11weeks 002.jpg

11weeks 003.jpg
Woot woot! Behold the beauty. You've done a first rate job, sir. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Thanks Max--I think you helped me once or twice when I posted, so many thanks to you too bro!
We'll have to get together with some other posters and smoke a virtual fatty live in the chat area
Nah, I'm still a noob -- big on talk, low on reliable raw data. If my plant is half as spectacular as yours are, I'll be elated. I'm still here for encouragement though.
Mojo, looks great bro. Very well done. enjoy
Nice buds! you done well.
Can I ask why you hrvested at 40 days?...a bit early "IMHO", especially the sativa. They look like they coulda' gone another week or two.
I haven't actually harvested them yet, Iwas actually contemplating waiting another week. The few nugs I have sampled have a very "up" cerebral high, but I would like to have a mix of this with a more mature mature "couch baked" feel.
Everything is ripening/turning from the bottom up, for most part.
The other thing is there will be workers on the roof over my space soon, so I have to try and shut down operations till they are done.
These plants grew at an extremely rapid pace, and I had some height restrictions in the grow room. Had to go for a SOG effect.
Next crop I will attempt cloning and try for a real SOG.
Looks awesome mojo man but Im curious about those 2 plastic pipes with the elbows facing eachother, is that for C02? If so how did you set that up? (C02 tanks, timers, ect) I ask because Im thinking about expanding my setup a little by adding a good HPS light and a C02 system. Also, what kind of ventiliation did you use?
Sorry about all the questions I just wanna know what I have to do to have a harvest like yours! :)
Great job Mojo ! Enjoy the smoke man ! Awsome job for your first time. I would let them go atleast another two weeks. If you can stand to go that long. :) Again, nice job man. They look beautifull.
Thanks, bro. Just started the drying/curing of some of the smaller low buds I've been plucking in stages all week. I'm still totally shocked I did it, and this stuff is KILLER buzzing dank bud, too.
Just toking up as I type, and feelin NO PAIN.
Thanks for all your assistance Buddy!
Hey Mojomon nice buds and for your first crop thats great. Are you going to cure that beauty?
I've been away for a while, so I thought I would check in.

Yes, Lady Kush, the buds you saw in those photos have been curing now for nigh on 2 months, all harvested and cured in various stages of ripeness. The first batches I sampled at or a little before 2 weeks curing, and also gave some to a couple of friends to review. We all agreed it was very up, but tended to induce a slight state of paranoia and speediness. While not delibilitating, it had to be ridden out to coast to a more sedate landing upon coming down.
Since then I have been sampling the later harvested and cured bud, and the difference is palpable. More of a sedative relaxed bake. I have been experimenting with blends, and that has been well, interesting...
Glad to see Guru is still out there dispensing wisdom to the masses, shout out to you brother!
Gotta bolt, it's "killer time"!
mojo, how much dry product you got out of does 4?
I always though the whole plant should be bud, I see a lot of stem. Does all plants have bud at the top and almost none or little at the bottom?

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