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Dec 14, 2005
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yummm hash oil, one of the most potent forms. add a drop into the end of your cigarette and your in the clear for a while. its a great high
BCdreadgirl said:
yummm hash oil, one of the most potent forms. add a drop into the end of your cigarette and your in the clear for a while. its a great high

couldn't have put it any better, except for i dont smoke cigarettes so i would replace that with joint lol
hardrockstoner said:
really? how do u make that?


This is just one way to make it. i think im going to give the butane thing a try myself once my ladies are harvested.
A drop on a piece of foil and then heated with a lighter works real good. To get just one drop, use a needle to dip into the bottle and then heat the needle over the foil. The oil will melt and fall onto the foil. If you're going to walk around with it, use a safety pin. I learned that, after sticking myself quite a few times.

It is one damn good high!

A tincture of oil, a square of foil, a pin and a lighter. Good to go!
One of my personal favorites is finger hash just because its so damn easy and still gets you a really nice high, AND it doesn't ruin your weed in the process :)

I like to take nice dried/cured bud, put it in a jar thats lid diameter is no bigger than the palm of my hand. Place the bud in the jar, then quickly rub your hands together to make them warm so the thc sticks to your palm, then place the palm of your hand tightly over the opening and shake the jar. The idea is to cover the opening tightly enough so you don't have weed flying all over the place, and so that after 5-10 seconds of shaking, you should have a nice circular collection of thc in the palm of your hand. Now start rubbin' your hands together again and this time make sure you have something to collect the finger hash you just created as it falls from your hands, some of it will stick to your hands, so just brush it off gently. If done properly, you should be left with a pile of greenish/brownish/blackish shavings. At this point you can roll the shavings into a joint, or if using a pipe/bong, get them into a neat pile, and press down on it with your thumb, squishing all the thc together. Lift your thumb, a little pile of thc should stick to it, continue squishing all the remaining thc into this 'pancake' shape. At this point you can continue to work it into a ball shape for a longer smoke or smoke it in the pancake shape and get a shorter more intense smoke.

I know its not hash oil, but its certainly easier to make and afterwards you still have good bud to smoke! :D
Insane, did you wash your hands first?
Stoney Bud said:
Insane, did you wash your hands first?

Nah I was taught not to piss on my hands a long time ago lol ;)
ROFLMAO...come on Sable..."130 pounds of hash" ?? "1/4 mill profit margin"...
Ya might try e-bay...:p
Have you ever been in Russia?Do you know about it anything ?
Nope. But I do know that if you ship me 130 lbs of hash, there is a damn good chance that you and I BOTH, will get the oppurtunity to meet some DEA agents.
"Remember, this ain't Russia. You ever been to a U.S. Federal Prison? You know anything about "Bubba"?" ;)
But if you feel compelld, please send my "FREE" sample to
Sgt. Stadanko
I.C.O. Home land Security
Washington, DC
Thanks sable, but not interested. (though the thought of just "seeing" 130 lbs of hash, is appealing)
We're a site dedicated to providing folks with the informational resources to be "self reliant", not sales or profit margin.
So for what purpose you asked me for sample sending ?
sable...I should probably be the one apologizing. The "sample" sending was pure sarcasm. That address is referrence to "our most powerfull" law enforcement agency. They spy on our citizens, kidnap and inprison without justifiable cause, ect. Something along the lines of your old KGB.
I apologize for the confusion. I sometimes forget that we have a wide array of cultures and lifestyles. We don't all interpret others context in the same manner.
hahahahahahaha. Sgt. Stadanko. Hick you bust me up.

This is just a stupid ass idea. I'll PM her and she'll mail me 130 pounds of hash????.

I've stepped into the twilight zone.:confused: ;)
well I just got outta bed but now I think I might still be dreaming? Wait no...just like that time I thought I farted.. (if your boss has a sense of humor, great excuse for being late!)

hahaha oh how I love tokin with my mornin' coffee :D
Also you can talking about noting on this forum, and dreaming to become rich someday . . .

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