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Do I lOoK hIgH???
Feb 28, 2006
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been so high that you would get stuck in your own little world and everything around you just dont feel real anymore? yeah this has happen to me so many times just the other day i would get stuck every 3 seconds i would come back it was a trip hahaha a bong and some kush bowls did that to me hahahaha good times good times...
i,ve been so high.me and my freind went to wendys.i walked up to the cash register to order my food,i was so ******* high ,i couldnt even order what i wanted,i just busted out laughing in her face,and every time i try to say 2 jr beacon cheesburgers,i couldnt get it ,i just kept busting out with laughter,i told my freind to order he kept laughing with me,finnaly we had to walk out and leave came back 10 mins later ,after we smoked a cigg,wendys is on his same street,
last night after jamacian hotboxing my friends bathroom with 3 huge bongs between 4 people and the 4 person had a nice jamacian rum blunt, we decided to go to the local macs to get some smokes and a chaser. IT was like 10 min away from this guys house. We leave and for sum reason we split up. These 2 guys were so high that they went in the opposite ******* direction. I went with this other guy cuz i kne he kne where to go, after walking into this creepy ass foresest with fog making it look like a horror movie for like 20 min i look back and see that the guys gone. For like 5 min i just stood there and was like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... then i see this big shit runing 2wards me really fast, but it wasnt on the path, it was comin from the acual forsest. I wanted to run like a little ***** but i was wayyy to high, we had smoked like a half-ounce. It was getting closer and closer and still i wanst moving........

g2g finish it later
baked brownie said:
It was getting closer and closer and still i wanst moving........g2g finish it later
Incoming Missles....News at 11.
lol stoney bud.....had to get high to remeber the rest.

that thing got bigger and bigger but in a fat way....too trippy. Suddenly it hit me and i went down. It picks me up and its my three friends, they got lost and called each others cells but lost mine long before. They told me they were running from the cops but i didnt belive them, so we just contiued onto macs and when we got there we walked in and the store owner fliped on on saying that we broke his windows and told us to leave. We really wanted the smokes and chaser and when he told us the cops were on there way we grabed that shit left a 5 and booked it
when i got home like an hour later i rolled a joint smoked in bed while watchinghightv and fell asleep only to wake up at 9 still high my parents yelling at me and still i cant asnwer them cuz i coulndt speak
Sometimes when really high I'll clamp on my headphones and listen to some tasty tunes with my eyes closed.
When I open my eyes it takes me several seconds to realize I'm back in the "real" world.

Once me and a friend were driving to a friends house and we sparked a fat one, and 1/2 way through the joint we realized we forgot where we were, where we were going and what we were gonna do when we got there. We just kept on driving and eventually remembered.
Once me and my co-worker had to make a long 2-hour drive to hang some drapes in a customer's house. When my co-worker gets in ,my van he says "I brought 2 joints--a mild one for the trip there and a good one for the way back".
Well we about finished the joint and my friend says "uh-oh, we smoked the wrong one!"
We stood on the front lawn of the customer's house with our tools and the drapes trying to stop laughing long enough to ring the doorbell.
I don't know how long we were out there but it was probably like 10 minutes, just laughing like loons.
We finally stopped laughing long enough to ring the bell and luckily for us the woman who opened the door was cool. I'm pretty sure she knew we were baked. She didn't mind.
It was the first time I smoked a strain called Kavorkian. I walked to a friends house who lived on the corner of my block and we smoked a joint.
I was sooo baked that when I left I had no idea where I was. All the houses looked like I had never seen them before. Even though I had lived on that street for 10 years, I could've been on a street in Flagstaff Ariz or Richmond Virginia, I had no idea WHERE the **** I was or how I got there.
I didn't recognize anything until I got to my house with my van parked in the driveway. I recognized that & went inside.
But I was still kinda freaked. I needed something familiar to do.
I flipped on the t.v. and just as it came on Ed McMahon was saying "and now...heeeerrrreee's JOHNNY".
one time me and a friend fixed up an old shitty pontiac tempest out on his farm and we decided it would be fun to go driving around in his fields because there was snow on the ground so it would be better. then after about 10 minutes of driving we smoked a lot of really crazy weed and hotboxed our shitty car. I don't know what kind of pot is was or what the hell was in it but we were trippin. Every time we would come over a hill it felt like we got huge air. then we talked about what animals our friends looked like for a while. then when we peaked we were laughing at the stupidest words, like dooby boobies. and then we would shutup for a while and one of us would say, " Oh Oh! I got one i got one!...... DOOBY BOOBY JOOBY!!" We kept going like this until the car broke down. we were in the middle of nowhere reeeeeally baked and we had to walk back to his house to find something to tow the car back. by the time we got back we were sober. The amazing part is that we just drove around in a fuckin field for like 4 hours........................ goooood times

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