Heal's grow # 3

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Heal with Herb
Jan 13, 2011
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Hello and good to be here again. I believe I have healed from all those surgeries and now on with the show..
#1 My cheapo bong ,,
#2 indica ? well it was a gift from a friend but is going to be DANK,
#3 Indiana Bubble Gum from clone....thanks
#4 Triangle Kush Clone from a Secret friend
#5 Bubba Kush Clone from a Secret friend
#6 MoonDawg Clone from a Secret friend
#7 Thai X SkunK seed left over from last grow, not pictured today but will do







green mojo to make em grow tight. looks good
These pictures were taken today, getting the room ready for flowering soon,
Ladies have been vegging with just CFL's, so the plants could bush out a bit. Will be setting up the MH bulb to get some serious growing height going..:D Also trying my hand at cloning.






i would get a dome for your clones, keep it in the hi 70 deg mark. get a heat mat if its cold or cant keep the heat up. id also not put babies or clones under mh /hps till they root good. green mojo for ur girls
Looking good Heal. Glad you are healed. Green mojo for sure.
@Ruffy Thanks for the advice, I do have a dome for the clones, took it off to take the pic & daily breathe of fresh air.. been setting up a nursery cabinet for the babies and clones:cool: Some day soon I would like to have the nursery cabinet, a veg and flower room.. it's all good.

@lordhighlama thanks for stopping in, please don't spit I promise to behave.:lama:

@Rosebud, glad to be healed, thanks for your support. I was hoping to ask a question about the bathroom growing (if it is you I need to ask) How do you set up the lights in the bathtub :cool2: I have been considering that for flower?
i can take a picture for you. hold on.
we made a few mistakes. One, don't get rigid venting, can't move the lights. We need to redo that someday soon.



The third picture is of a huge carbon filter, it really works but is stupid big. I would get the one Novellchef is working with next time.

The fourth pic is how I work with not being able to move the lights, it is also a show off pic. HA. Mr rb cut the plywood (after making a template) to fit the bathtub. I really like them in the tub, but this does give me much more room. If you have questions just ask.
Green mojo Heal.
Low stress training I learned how to do this with help from Melvan.

DSC00897 - Copy.JPG

DSC00895 - Copy.JPG

DSC00896 - Copy.JPG

DSC00900 - Copy.JPG
Nice bondage there heal. Glad you're back in the saddle and hopefully finished with those hospitals and surgeries.

I need secret friend like you've got.
:ciao: pulling up my milk crate to fallow along...Sure like that Kandy Kush...and your tie downs ..:aok: I love to train..

take care and be safe girl
Hey I have some beans ready for planted most popped, Indiana Bubble Gum
and Bazooka Bubble Gum. Bring on the ladies. I gave away some of my clones as I didn't want them to sit around here trying to fight the girls for a place to grow. I need more space in my grow room. I have not taken pictures but I will get on it asap.. got some work to do anyway.
Added 5 Indiana Bubble Gum and 2 Bazooka BG seeds to soil, planted rooted clones and 1 didn't grow roots but still healthy so I redid the cloning and put it in a small dixie cup. Heres a look inside the veg cabinet and all the girls got a drink of water and spritz the leaves with plain water and finally the 400W MH added to start the girls to make the stretch they need it now. the tallest is 14 inches.






looking Good:hubba:

take care and be safe
Mornin all. sorry it has been a while since I checked in, me bad,:D

I moved and got a new light system, Sunleaves 1000 W Wowwy thats 140,000 LUMENS for 3 girls. :holysheep:
now I only have 3 plants indoors Bubba Kush Triangle Kush and Kandy Kush but outside I have 2 girls loving it, Indiana Bubble Gum and MoonDawg.:farm: The indoor girls are making their transition to flower. all the girls received a nice drink of water and EJ Grow plus Molasses. Mama wanted forgiveness for moving them and putting them in boxes Kandy and Bubba had to bow down a little bit they came thru nicely.

I have also been busy with my veggie garden so I thought a pic or two would be ok

I want to thank you all for keeping up with me and my little grow.:)





Last but not least, the girls sunbathing in their new grow room. Making the flower transition.

The veggie garden and this picture is a week or so old so a new one coming after the rain so I can show off IBG and Moondawg again


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