HELP!!! Ctrical plants looks horrible.

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May 18, 2011
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It is 32 days old and looks like crap :( i seriously dont know whats wrong. i water with nutes every other watering with Fox Farm. plus i got cal-mag plus and it still looks bad. ph is always around 6.5-6.8. its planted in promix bx soil.
What are your watering habits? Was this left in a cup too long and left rootbound? If so, did you break the roots up?? She looks like a nute locked, overwatered rootbound gal to me.....

What's your ph??
Roddy said:
What are your watering habits? Was this left in a cup too long and left rootbound? If so, did you break the roots up?? She looks like a nute locked, overwatered rootbound gal to me.....

What's your ph??

She was rootbound alittle but when i transplanted her she looked great. I water every other day. Ex...
Day1- Water with 10 ounces of distilled water.
Day2- Nothing

Ph for soil when i put my ph soil tester in there is near 7. Ph'ed water is 6.5-6.8. Not sure about the nute lock. i have heard about this but dont know much about it. she is in 3 gallon smart pots btw.
Is that soil drying out good between waterings?
IMO your watering too often I would let the soil dry out til the plant all most wilts then water it and go by the weight of the plant from then on
yea soil is pretty dry when i water them, my other 2 plants look fine with this routine, but with critical its something else. might be nute lock not sure.
I really think you are having an overwatering problem, and it looks like you are having a nitrogen deficiency as well. What kind of soil are you using? And what are your temps running? Any other details you could give would help us all in helping you.
I have 2 plants that did look pretty much the same as yours. They were runts that were going to get thrown out so i wanted to see if I could fix them. i started watering with about 5 drops of Superthrive and then transplanted into soil containing the good things like earthworm castings, bat guano, and other good things. Since all this, they are greener and are starting to grow.
But like I said, any details would help. Maybe some more of the very experienced growers that are here can pipe in too.
water, water, feed. repeat every 2-5 days
hmm ruffy i might try that cause i just noticed alittle nute burn on my blue chesse which i will flush very soon also my criticsl is awhole worse now so i gonna flush it and if it doesnt work im gonna put her out of her missery :( then just hope my blue cheese and sweet deep grape fruit continue to to grow healthy.also im gonna get superthrive and fox farm sledgehammer.
Adding more when not knowing what to add or why isn't the best plan, hard to undo the wrongs if you're not sure what went wrong.....imho
Roddy i plan on adding less nute and more reg. ph'ed water. but still not sure how to flush my critical. i hear there is flushing and leeching, flushing is when you add alot more water than usual and leeching when you add double the amount of the grow pots. correct or am i missing something? cause ive been doing research about this but everytime i see ppl talking abut flushing its always before harvest not when i veg stage. any input about this would help alot.

EDIT-Lower leaves on my critical fell off :( plants is close to d...d...death:( :(
I am not a soil guy so this is just me throwing this out there.
From what I can see in the pics, it looks like the centre soil is wet while the soil at the edges is dry. The leaves are also drooping, a sign of over or under watering. My guess would be that because this plant was watered too often, the roots have not had a chance to develop and if you ripped it up now there would be hardly any root ball. (I have seen this with friends grows).
As a cure, I would think she needs time to establish her roots so letting her dry out for a while would help to start with. If you feel you may loose her anyway, what do you have to loose by doing this? Once you feed, water the edges of the pot, not over the roots in the middle, force her to grow some roots.
I could be a million miles away with this diagnosis & suggestions but I think it is worth a try.
Redkiller, I've found that bottom feeding when using smart pots works the best for me. I ubble water for 48 hours, then add nutes, bubble for another 24 hours, then I check PH and adjust if needed. I never check ph on overflow and I never check the Ph of the soil. When the solution is ready, I put my plants in a little container I have for watering, the add about 3 or 4 inches of water to the container and let them sit there until the soil at the top starts to change color and starts feeling moist.

For your critical plant, I'd recommend flushing with PH'ed water and monitorin it.

I have a 3D plant that absolutely hates nutes. I use the fox farm 3 part series with no other additives. 1.5 tsp per gallon burns her every time. I normally don't use the micro big bloom nute on any plants. I've just never seen the need. But without that addition, my 3D wouldn't make it.

I use 1 gallon smart pots and 600 watt lights in all my cabinets. I have to water every other day this way and the dirt is almost completely dried out. Flush and use straight water the next two rounds. See how the plant responds and try going from there. That's what I'd do if I was having that issue.
thnxs for the help guys, kloned what do u mean by bubble ur water? and bottom feeding?
Hello Redkiller-

I'm sorry to offer up a contradictory opinion, but I disagree with the other comments you've received. My opinion is you are not watering enough. Your soil looks too dried out to me.

10 ounces of water in a 3 gallon smart pot is simply not enough. Do you get runoff when you water?

Allowing your soil to dry out too much actually leads to the accumulation of salts in your soil which creates additional problems for you.

My opinion is you need a good flush and then you need to up to your waterings to at least a half gallon of water every 2 to 3 days, depending on how quick they are drying out (depends on plant health, air flow, rh, and light intensity as to how often they will need watering).

To flush, put the plant in your bath tub or shower, or a large sink, and slowly pour about 10 gallons of water through your soil. Should take about 10 minutes to do and then they will drain for another 15 minutes or so before you can move them back to your grow space.

Again, sorry to offer a conflicting opinion :eek: . Whatever path you choose, I hope you get it worked out. Good luck to you. :cool:

I use tap water and I fill up a trash can with water. I put an air stone or two at the bottom of the can and hook it up to a pump, and let the water bubble to get rid of chlorine. You're using distilled water if I recall correctly, so you don't really need to bubble the chemicals out. I also do that so I can add my nutes and let it stabilize before I check the PH of the solution.

I found bottom feeding to be the easiest way to water/fees in smart pots. I have a few storage containers that I use when I water. The containers I use are like those cheap stackable storage containers that have plastic removable trays. I put 3 smart pots in there and add about 4 to 6 inches of water to the container. So the pots are sitting in the water soaking up the water and nutes through the bottom and sides of the smart pots. I keep them there until the top soil
turns moist and a darker color. Ive never had a problem over or under watering doing this.

Did that clear it up a little better for you?
sweet kloned, that sounds like a pretty nice way to feed ur plants. imma try it out next feed. u kno wats weird thou, my critical is the tallest mostEDITup and smells so good. lol. i just bout fox farm sledgehammer and a nice commercial soil ph meter cause i know that has to be a reason my plant is sick.
Can you return that soil PH meter? you have to ignore soil Ph IMO, you need to PH nutes/water, the soil will fall inline after watering with properly PH'd water.
lol its not the crappy one, commercial ph soil meter. with great reviews. i bought a cheap one and yeah it was 100% crap. and bbfan i just read ur comment and i have upped my watering, yesterday i watered with 16 ounces, and today they responded well. prob gonna water about 25 ounces each now.
i had similar problems with my 9 plants after i had 2 successful grows , well about2.

its nute lock and the soil looks compacted , soil is like a sponge it should be aired and when watering u only water the mid point , the sponge of the soil will drink the water that falls from mid point but stays intact to give the roots the digginpoint

flip it up , hit it once , peal up the sides and keep the mid point .

anyways if i had my chance with the 9 plants again i would cut the roots from the side and keep the mid because it never went wider when flowering in first place it looks compacted ur autoflowering plant

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