HELP!!! Did i just get sold fake weed?

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Feb 24, 2006
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i've been chronically smoking weed for a while, but am unable to tell the differences between good and bad weed. i was quick to buy a dime today and the dude was supposeably getting it from an open source which was currently selling just some "schwag." i said it was all okay, i got the deal, and he said he had hooked me up with a twenty sack for ten bucks...this was good until i got to when i started to smoke it. tell me if this stuff if good or bad weed or what.

smell: it doesn't smell like the normal weed i've smelled, but i've heard that some weed can smell like a lemon tree or something...the smell is very suttle and actually kinda does smell sort of lemony...

appearance: it has no seeds, it looks carefully sorted through and broken up (so there are no sticky clumped buds), it does have what look like marijuana stems that are still sorta greenish, and there is some kind of weird plant matter all in there. there are these small sort of circular things that look ridged and pointy at one common end...i've never noticed this before.

also, i noted that it burns really really fast, and the smoke is not too harsh unless taking big hits.

so what can you tell me?

or what else can i look at to determine what this stuff is?
you smoked it right? did it get you high? if so its weed, if not it's not.
well, I agree with everyone. did you get high?? if not it is bunk, I hope you did though.
i garrantee its fake. dont worry we all been get ripped once in a whilehe probaly just threw some stems in it i could be wrong it could be some lime but lime is really good weed and you should be able to tell
or maybe you just so messed up that you can't be sure of anything.. because you just might be so high off the weed... your so slow... yeah.. that could totally be it..
it could be some lime
.."Lime" in a strain.."Lime"? never heard of it. Do you have any info, background on it?
Here's what I used to say.. If it burns; I'll smoke it. It didn't matter if it was newspaper.
hell no,that shit is harsh ,thats like the last resort , i rather stuff a ciggerette than do that
Hey Hick Lime is jus refering to the color of the bud compareing it to the fruit Lime.....YOU be haveing a lot of lime. LOL
last time I got ripped off was 1974........bought a bag of oregeno for 10 bucks........but that was only a week after I smoked my first real hard to sell me a bag of crap today...........
wow....unlucky everyone.

Ive never bought weed that wasnt actually weed, ive just bought some extremely crap stuff haha..
the_riz said:
wow....unlucky everyone.

Ive never bought weed that wasnt actually weed, ive just bought some extremely crap stuff haha..

Me2 Riz Ive had the worse looking and smelling weed but only during a drought like this one weed we called "Premium" smell like gas brown and dirty looking and 1 more called "Cow Chips" it smell like cow crap it waz an ugly green color and harsh but it waz weed buds packed with seeds, ill never grow that for damn sure
lol yeah ive been given some crapy bud before keyword given not bought i usually smoke some and smell it before i buy it but yeah the people i get bud from are realy close friends and really dont buy crappy bud ive never had a so called drought before lol maybe cuz the bud most of my buddys get is grown hear wear i live and they grow alot of it so yeah hope i never see a drought like yall are talkin about
Sounds fake. But I used to get mex a while back and it all tasted like HAY but it got you kinda high so.. As long as it gets you high smoke up.

P.S. If you caugh up blood, check yourself into the hospital right away.
If you are a chronic weed smoker. You would know the answer to your post. Soundsl like you bought your first dime or something mang. really.
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