help.... quick!!!

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Feb 9, 2005
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i have ten plants in rockwool. one week old. most are like 3 to 4 inches tall. i have a hydro mix that has good PH and all the good nutrients you need. my biggest plant is currently growing its 5th and 6th leaves. the leaves have looked healthy and green but started getting yellow spots and now patches with brown spots and starting to droop. obviosuly not good! i keep a light breeze on em with a fan and have been giving em like 20 hours of light a day. 65 watt plant light about 2 to 3 inches above plants. mayeb too much light? not enough? too close? not close enough? over watering? not enough water? help before they die!
im thinking its your light, not enough lumes. also you might want to check for pest invasion with a magnifying glass... how big is your space?
Run a diagnosis check bro.first pH test then is the soil getting dry anuff? Humidity levels in room?.could be you have some to aadd to your normal nutes?about a tbl spoon per gallon.keep it simple and listen to them they will tell you whats wrong.happy growing bro.
Jesus Christ got to wake up a lil more before I decide to comment on threads.haha.the fact that I had just wake and baked didn't help me any thank you stinkyattic.i may have added some more to

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