Help with nute burn

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Mar 3, 2011
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hey all i gave my haze 1cup/gallon big bloom about a week ago maybe more and this is what it did to my haze. My question is the way my set up is i cant put 9gallons of water through my pot to flush it, can i just feed it regular water and will it kick back(its got about 2 weeks left)? I havent used any chemical nutes just organic(bontanicare pure blend pro, fox farm big bloom). I recently watered them with plain water and it looks like it got worse within a few hours. Anyone think these will be ok? Does nute burn burn ur bud or just the leaves? Can i manicure around them? Any input = +REPS.





Until around 7/8 weeks ago, every plant I had was being fed double what it should have been. The ones in flower look terrible and IMO it ruined the yields. The ones in veg recovered but it took around 4 weeks of coaxing and being careful with them.
MJ is a highly resiliant plant but IMO the plants recovery is only part of your problem. It will effect yield but your biggest problem may be hermies. Stressing a flowering plant that badly could easily result in a hermie which then effects the rest of your plants. If you cannot flush this plant out, there will be residual stuff in the soil so by watering it as usual, you are basically feeding it to death like the fat bloke in Monty Pythons "The Meaning Of Life".
"Would sir care for a wafer thin mint?"
The only cure is a good flush my friend. There was another thread here last week where someone else used a whole cup of Big Bloom and had problems too. A cup is WAY too much especially for a sativa like yours. You need to flush all the excess nutes out of the soil completely. If you just keep watering normally it will keep feeding the plant more and more of that Big Bloom thats sitting in your soil.
I use FF big bloom but on the back of the bottle for general feeding the instructions say 4 tablespoons every other watering.. For heavy feeding it says 1/2 cup every week. I don't even use the recommended dosage I go less and in conjuntion w/ tiger bloom as well. If its been a week I dont know if there is anything that can be done.. If it had been a day or 2 , I would say flush. lets see what the more experienced growers say.. Hero
You really need a flush--what thing in your set up prohibits a flush?

Nute burn will burn your buds also. I would remove the dead crispy leaves. They are doing nothing for the plant.

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro contains some organic nutes, but I do not really believe that it is considered a true organic nutrient. They do have a certified organic nutrient that I believe is called Organicare.

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