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hemp fest



hemp fest in seattle is lame from what i hear if anyone ells hase been there let me know what you think


from what you hear?

who told you hemmpfest was lame?

so you've never been there?


some one here asked IS HEMPFEST LAME?

he said he heard it was, but addmitted to me that he's never been there.

Seattle Hempfest 2006

Some of our Cannabis Culturalists travelled to the U.S. of A. to join in the celebration at the annual Seattle Hempfest. Speakers and interviews include Jack Herer, Angel Raiche, Eddie Lepp, Ed Rosenthal and Kirk Tousaw.
Shot by Brandon, music by Los Marijuanos, and edited by MM.


"Ganja Chickie"
Mar 11, 2006
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I was there, yeah it kinda' sucked.... sorry but you asked. :eek:


well ganja chickie, where have you been I never seen your name ever come up at any of the seattle hempfest meetings.
I've never seen any letters to the editor from you either.
and you haven't commented on your views ever on any of the internet networks we have here in seattle.

your comments seem very late.

did you watch that video?

what's the matter wouldn't anyone share their ganja with you?

if you were there, did you take any photos?

didn't see any bands that you liked?
didn't catch a doobie in the doobie toss?
or did AK conjure you up?

would you care to tell us more about why you were unsatisfied with the seattle hempfest.
watch the video, hear JACK HERER say it's the best festival in the world?

I really really doubt you were there at all


ganja chickie, if I insulted you in any way please let me know

because if I did, I'm really sorry about that, I'm interested in what you said in your post where you said "hempfest was sort of lame"

I really don't understand what you mean by that?

if it was sort of lame, wasn't sort of fun?

and isn't it true that it was the largest free concert and protestival in nthe world?

we had a huge crowd, for two days, and had some top notch bands.

so wasn't it sort of fun?

Damn that's a nice cucumber.
did you grow it yourself?

tell me more about it if you did, where'd you grow it? when did you plant it? and when did you harvet it?
is it still producing cucumbers?
I love growing veggies!
they don't grow very well for me in seattle, but my gradmother in eastern washington had a huge bush for years and years in yakima.


AK, how come you haven't responded to this thread that you started about hempfest?

hempfest wasn't lame at all.

it was huge and did alot of good for the movement there is even a video of it on the forum that I'd like you to see.

I'd suggest that you make comments about things that you have actually been to, instead of asking "was it lame?"

I hope that you don't think I have insulted you or something.

because I am a human doing and I don't want any enemies.


This poem is written by a few minutes ago after a full day of smoking keif with my best friends in the world, the staff and volunteers and friends and family of the SEATTLE HEMPFEST!

and this poem is dedicated by to the life and human doings of SHARE.
she has been a core member of hempfest along with her husband Jim of
the house band of hempfest for all these years!

here's my poem:

I'm neither offensive, or defensive, but
maybe a bit apprehesive!
Theres a war on drugs that is raging,
and I'm just trying to survive,
and stay just stay alive till my Goddess,
and wife,
the CANNABIS plant
is recognized
and prized my the whole humane race,
all over the place,
and is as legal and free for all to use ,
as the rays of the sun,
and the light of the moon.

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