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Nov 20, 2006
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Hello all first let me say thank you all for the great info you guys are awsome here is what I am doing
Right now I am running clfs here is what I am working with
1 45w daylight 2800 lum 6500k spiral
1 65w cool white 3700 lum 4500k spiral
1 25w warm white 1500 lum 2400k spiral

Potting soil is self made mix 20 percent vermiculite 20 percent peatmoss 60 percent composted soil plants seem to love it

Ferts 17-17-17

Grow space right now sectioned off corner 2x2 nothing big but latter on I will expand to 6x6x4 because I live in mexico growing limitations do not apply no helicopter fly overs here and I live alone
Right now I have 10 sprouts some are just comming up through the soil others are already out and with leaves but a couple are out but there poor little heads are stuck in the seed pod in two days if they havnt managed to break the pods ill have to do somthing I also have one Blackberry plant that I started two months ago outside and she (i hope its a she) is beutiful 10 nodes about nine and a half inches tall has three sets of nine leaves and a stalk almost as big around as pen alot of red through the stalks is this normal let me know what you think sorry I dont have pictures I need to buy a camera and also I already have the balasts for a 250w hps and a 400w hps the way I will set it up is I will have the 250 helping out the fluros and the 400 will just be for bloom any suggestions you guys have please I am all bud I mean ears oh and I think I will be picking up more clfs this week any suggestions on what kind would be good also but I think as of now I am covering the spec pretty good

ollyocnog the word that is never spoken
Everything sounds great man. Can't wait to see some pics of that Blackberry. ;) We will be following your grow from beginning to end. Here is some GREEN MOJO for your babies.

Hey sparow, you've got a good start on everything. It sounds like you've been reading up on growing. Great spectrum balance on your flo's and using the 250 HPS in conjunction with the flo's is a great idea.

The lighting calculation you need to keep in mind as you grow, is that you need a minimum of 3,000 lumens per/sq.ft of plant canopy. As your plants grow larger, their need for light will grow with them, due to the larger plant canopy.

5,000 lumens per/sq.ft is optimum for fastest and most favorable growth, so calculate your plant canopy area and make sure you're using enough light throughout their lives.

Good luck to you, and I sure look forward to seeing your grow as it matures.
hey thanks so much stony I am trying an experiment with cfls to see If I can get
a perfectly suited veg room with them what i am aming for is a total spectrum more or less so that the plants arnt defficent in any one typ of color as far as a up date on my plants the big black berry is still doing fine she seems to have stopped most of here main stalk growth and is now really pushing the secondary stalks alot though so she is getting real bushy but she is bieng really stubburn she has been on a 12 on 12 off for two weeks now but no sighns of hairs or nuts although she does have somthing I have never seen before at the spot the secondary braches conect to the stalk are all swollen like they are filling with fluid but they are solid has anyone every experianced this before because i havnt it is only onthe first 7 nodes

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