Hi everyone!

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Lil Squirt

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Apr 23, 2005
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Hi everyone.....some of you may already know me as Jersey from the other site as I see lots of familar faces here.
Anywhos...thanks for the invite...looks like a really cool site! Just need to learn my way around the new place but I catch on fast! :D
Good to see ya made it over Squirt.
hi lil squirt and hick i believe i know you guy`s im new here too recieved an invite and am glad to be here. refugee i truly hope you escape "danger" i think i know who you are and figured i would attach my howdy here as well so hello all and happy growing!
Good to see you made the trek Bogart. Yes...i have once again eluded danger in the nick of time, but it remains to be seen if I am finally rid of past dangers.
Hey there Nobo.......so glad ya are here with us "outta of danger" territory too! :D
Glad to have ya. Enjoy
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