High Ph issue

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Apr 10, 2011
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Got my meter yesterday. Used strips to date. Strips had always read 'Ideal' around 6.5-7.0. Meter read 8.1, used lemon juice to lower to 5.8. 12 hours later the ph is 8.1. Used strips to see if they were just out of whack and the reading maxed out, so strips were working. What happened to have the ph go through the roof. Any insites are appreciated.
Are you using tap water? It could have a really high PPM thats effecting it, and I dont know if you should use lemon juice. If you have a hydro store near you try and get some PH Down.
Am using extremely hard tap water. Don't have a hydro store in Northern MN. Have read that many use lemon juice?
No, food products break down fast and, IMO, are not good to adjust pH. I would recommend getting some pH down, even if you have to order if off the internet.
getting some distilled water wouldnt hurt either mate :D
EBay is your friend.....I bought my PH up and down off eBay for like 20 bucks shipped...it will last me over a year easy and I grow quite a bit. I like GH's powder ph up and down.
I can't believe I'm filtering water for my plants and not for myself.
We've had good luck with SaferGro pH Down. its organic and a tiny bit goes a long way...
Ordered the first thing I found got an up and a down. The lemon juice lasts like 10 minutes. Anything else to hold me over whilst I wait
what do your nutrients do to the level? do they lower it any?
We used a test bucket and as we added more Flora Nova grow it lowered from 7.8 to 6.8 but unfortunately my ppm was 1850. at 1200 it was 7.2.
Tried MG didn't do anything but send ppm thru the roof
GuyGalaxy said:
We used a test bucket and as we added more Flora Nova grow it lowered from 7.8 to 6.8 but unfortunately my ppm was 1850. at 1200 it was 7.2.

How long did you wait before you tested? The nutes need time to buffer the solution.
not long but the numbers on the 1200/7.2 held (@2 hours ). Just added sulfuric acid found under sink, hope it holds. Got ph down on the way. How long do these hold the ph for.\?

I now know all about ph, ppm, ec, temperature. I guess I won't be needing any of your help, as all the problems I could ever have been solved. To be a master grower after only one month is awesome.
As your plants are drinking the water and munching on the nutes, the ph, along with ppm will change constantly. I usually check my ph every couple of days but have been having some issues recently so it is daily.
Green mojo fella.
I got into this on a lark, thank the gods for you folks, and thank God for keeping my babys alive until I found this site. Truthfully I have made every mistake possible and you brought my Maria single leaf mutant to the attached pic in to weeks.
I used sulfuric acid last night brought my ph to 5.8 12hrs later one bucket is at 6.9 anf my ppm went down. The other bucket is at 8.1 and the ppm went up. How do I keep ph at 5.8 and eating my nutes?
Are you mixing the nutes, then letting sit for awhile to buffer? I think I read this is important and helps stabilize the PH? I Could be way off....
I nute my water and let it sit overnight. I then pH my water. I then let that sit overnight to make sure everything is buffered as it should be.

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