How much $ of electricity

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Sep 8, 2005
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How much is it suppose to cost in electricity if i have the proper lights and i am using a room which is 4'x5'. If i take advice of the growing guide i should be able to start 80 plants since it's suppose to be 4 per square feet, or should i go with maybe 40 to give it room until they are about 18". So lets say how much per month. Then it should be around 3 months of growing before putting them outside. Thanks
Look at your elec. bill to see how much you pay per Kw/hour.
A kilowatt hour is 1,000 watts on for 1 hour.
Do the math from there.
Note: some utilities have different rates for daytime (peak) and nighttime.
Your bill will tell you. Generally, 8 a.m.--6 p.m.
4 per square feet,
sounds awfully tight to me. That allows for only 3 inch pots. Not even sufficient for seedlings IMHO. I would allow for 1 sq ft p/plant, even for a SOG grow.
I know i could look at my hydro bill, but i did not start yet and i would like to know how much are the expense to get set up and then running before i put this money into it. And yes it does say 4 per sf, but that is when you start them out and you put them in 6" square pots. After they are 12" to 18" you repot them to put them outside or inside to make them flower. It's in the section of Sea of Green in the guide. But it does say that 1 plant per sf. is the rule if you want them to flower inside. What i'm looking for is the average amount of dollars or kW somebody would use with the proper lighting in a closet which is 4x5. Thanks

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