how to lower my plants.

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Mar 7, 2005
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Hi everybody!

I have 2 plants in my window that are about 3 weeks old. They are about 15-20 cm high right now but they are growing :))))

I live in a student appartment in the 7. floor so the plants are not visible from the streets just yet, but they will be.

Is there any way i can make i very low plant by trimming it down? how should i trim? i guess it could be about 50cm high without anyone noticing it.

thanks for all your help.

You can trim the plant by chopping off the top with a razor blade or a really sharp scissor. Trimming will cause stress, and stress can cause males. Its a risk you take. However, trimming the top ends up giving you 2 top colas as opposed to one (in case you don't know, your top cola is where you get the most yeild, and usually the most potency). It'll work, but you do risk stressing the plant into a male.

Here's what I would do:

Start "leaning" your plant. If your grow space is big enough (horizontally), tie the top of your plant to something on the ground ( can be a brick, a chair, a book, anything low enough). Make sure your string isn't too tight around the plant. Slowly, day by day, draw your plant to a diagonal direction, thus taking up less vertical space. After about 3 weeks, your plant can be almost horizontal. Your plant will then grow colas from the branches, instead of the top. The yeild will be about the same (if not more) than if your plant had grown straight up. Beware that the plant may grow a little slower during the "leaning" phase. That's normal. The plant is just adapting to growing in a different direction.

The key is to take it slow, when leaning your plant. If you rush it,it will stress the plant OR break the stem if the stem is very thick.

Good luck and tell me how it turns out.

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