how to make a bong completly out of ice!!!

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Mar 28, 2011
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Hello fellow green thumbs,

Here is a video on how to make a bong made completly out of ice using household items. It is the smoothest you will ever hit. Therefore it is a "Frozenhit"


What happens when your high and your mouth gets frozen stuck to the bong?
Jericho said:
What happens when your high and your mouth gets frozen stuck to the bong?


maybe keep that torch handy:D
Definitely sick as heck! I absolutely love the concept.

Too bad I would spend the 2 days or so making that thing and then Id pull it out and get one use out of it. Where could I put it? :confused:

I would dedicate my freezer and eat up all of my hot pockets, but then every time I pulled it out it would drip. And I would have no hot pockets :(

Or I can already see it now:
-Id fill it with too warm of water and it shatter on my new wood floor :rofl:
-Id forget to put it back in the freezer
-Id leave the water in it too many times and then Id put it back in the freezer. Forgetting why it weighs 24 lbs, id fumble it.


1 question do you clean it? lol
Its wicked cool...But I've seen this guy spam some other forums...
Yea totally a spammer. I was hoping he'd answer back tho.
Tomorrow we're going to be working on turning an ice bong into a nice cool drink of water. Hang around art, I'm sure it will only get better..:p

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