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Sour Deez

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Jan 14, 2011
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Anyone know if these HTG supply T5s are any good or not?hxxp://
Not sure


take care and be safe
Those are good but I found better prices on eBay....I got a 4 bulb 4 foot HO T5 setup for like 70 bucks shipped I believe....20,000 lumens as they put out 5000 a bulb. HO T5's are awesome for vegging in my opinion.
Sour Deez said:
Anyone know if these HTG supply T5s are any good or not?hxxp://

I have used those lights for over a year now with great results.... Even use them for flowering in a small tent...
I use the 4' 4 bulb T5 from HTG and have been happy with it. How large a space do you have? You may want to consider 2 of those fixtures or a 4 bulb fixture.
I bought a 8 bulb 4 footer from my local hydro store for my veg room Works GREAT! 250.00
I also then bought 2 2 foot 4 bulb t-5's from HTG. 1 for me, and one for the Daughters little closet grow.
those were i think about 87.00 with both veg, and bloom bulbs.
Like mentioned you can find some deals, and i also agree the T5's are great and cheaper to run then my 600 with a MH conversion bulb..
Thanks alot guys.I will check out ebay hamster.
I flower all my grows with t5's 4ft 8 bulb fits in my closet great....... I get great results.

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