I.D. on two different bugs

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Bogart Mc Thunderdunk

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Jun 1, 2011
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hi two separate insects i think. can someone tell me what this bug is and if its helpfull, i havent seen any bite marks on these 2 plants but i always see these. they jump when touched like fleas. these plants have had an aphid infestation but i sprayed with the organic pest repellent recipe from on here and am just making another batch. the aphids are down to minimal number i kill them when i see them anyway but im thinking these bugs might be eating them too.

and the other pic is a separate grow are that hasnt had any infestations or damage up till now, looks like caterpillars or similar to me but i couldnt find any bugs atall on them. any ideas? its mainly on new shoots and on all of the plants in varying amounts. these plants are still growing strong anwyay but i dont want to let it get worse. will spray with the home made pesticide.


another pic for markings and also a pic from the suspect catterpillar plants, this looks different any ideas? it was on a lower leaf i think it might be burnt from watering/nutes splash.


thats looks like a type of leaphopper. they lay their eggs in plants to hatch the next spring. Their egg laying is the damage you are seeing on your plants
i dont think ive seen any of them on those plants, are you sure? microscopic eggs? if it is that should i amputate or just leave since they will be harvested by spring. it really looks like caterpillars to me.

i should clarify these plants are about 30 miles apart and i havent found these hoppers on the damaged plants.

not saying youre wrong just wouldnt the ones with the hoppers be damaged too? i have seen them on the undamaged plants for over a month with no damage while the others have none but have damage.
there are 3000 different leafhooper in the US and 20000 in the world so I'm not 100% sure that is what it is but the nymphs and adults feed on plant sap. Some of the leafhooper lay on one plant but feed on others so that their young will have plenty of food.

most of them drill/cut a little hole in the plant to lay the eggs inside the stems. From what I have experenced they layed the eggs in the main stock of the plants.

Sevin dust them(plants) and a 10-15 ft circle around the plants to give a barrier that they will be less likely to cross.
ok thanks ill try and find some of that soon as possible. is there another name for it if thats a brand just im in europe and most of the things people say to get on here are impossible to find without ordering from the us/abroad.

any need to amputate in the mean time?
or anyone else have any suspects?
Carbaryl is the active ingredient in Sevin Dust.
the first bug appears to be a buffalo treehopper, a member of the locust family. oz is correct they have a knife like body part and cut open tender shoots to lay eggs inside of...

the second bug appears to be a common stinkbug...
I had/have them too...the bastards literally chewed off 3 branches and chewed a nice hole in my main stalk. I took ozzy's recommendation and got sevin spray last week...havent seen them on the plant since so it seems to be working
I took a pic of what it did to my plant. Notice the branch chewed off right in front of the hole. It chewed off a few others like that too

110729 (21).JPG
yah...will Sevin kill the eggs? I treated the plants last week

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