I just filtered my weeks batch of Boatway.


Stoney Bud

I used 4 ounces of 100 proof Smirnoff's and a 1/4 ounce of leaf. It turned really dark and should have a hell of a buzz.

The friggin LEAF from the Big Bud Mothers gets me high. I gotta smoke about a ciggerette worth of it, but it gets me good and buzzed. I use it for all my Boatway.

I used to throw that shit away until I found out I could get high real good by using the booze to extract it. This is a lot better than boiling it. The THC starts degrading at prolonged heat of 100 degrees or higher. Using the boatway, a quarter ounce of leaf gives me enough to spike about 10 drinks. I did it way too strong one time and thought I was goin to have to go to the emergency room. Freakin heart started pounding like a jack hammer. Scared the shit outta me. Now I know how much to use at a time.

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