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Aug 6, 2018
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There's sooo much growing knowledge scattered around here, but sometimes folks need advice on everyday things. For instance...

I live on the hem of tv reception. I am running both a UHF (directional) and VHF (omnidirectional) anttenas at about 25 feet high situated less than 1 foot apart (UHF above VHF). I get good signal from them, but I'd like to be able to pick up both Louisville and Lexington.

Does anyone have a suggestion on a good, long range, directional antenna for fringe reception, and at what height it should be? I'm l leaning toward a Yagi, but was wondering if there might be better?
So.. it appears the quad antennas are good for VHF/HAM radio reception, but not as much for UHF. All but one tower "near" me are UHF.

I'm down to comparison between the Yagi style - narrow azimuth but excellent range, and the bowtie - 8 bay seems to have good range and a wider reception range. I'm leaning toward the 8 bay bowtie.

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