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Feb 1, 2006
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Yo, i'm 13 and 5'3 weighing at 90 lbs... ive smoked my first joint and some mutherfuker snitched on my ******* ass... i need help to clear my ssytem before i do some shitty ass piss test.. i need help quick.. thx
First off your 13.. what are you doing smokin' a fatty??? Not that I can really say anything. Second off... I can understand swearing but it doesn't make you look cool. Third, if you really were worried you would have already read the previous posts on the subject. Anyway seriously read the former posts.
go to yer fokes kid your way to young to even be in here not being rude or anything ,but i was reading a post a fwe days ago a few guys were talkin about the idea of someone from on here (meaning one of us members) would not feel right sorta aiding and abeating a youngster growing in his fokes house i feel the same way bout you lil bro no offence i would hate fer you to take something i might say on here and use it as a tool so to say for being cool like i said no offence just find other shit to do till you wisen up a lil
Also, since you only weigh like 90 lbs, and you only smoked 1 jay, you are probably already in the clear. If you weighed like 320 and smoked evryday, you'd be pretty much screwed. You're too young to be stressing about drug tests. Just able to pass them by not smoking until you're parents aren't going to freak.

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