i need MAJOR help.

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Sep 14, 2005
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My friend gave me a plant yesterday it was inside then he moved it outside. It started to droop the plant was about 6 feet tall. He chopped off part of it and gave it to me hoping I can save it, but I don't know what to do. Iv'e got two palnts of my own growing, but I just started mine are doing fine. What should I do to keep it from dying(it looks pretty bad). He put it in some soil and gave it to me, know I got it in a cabinet with light at about 84F and I put some water in there for the humidity, but I didn't and still don't have rootone. What should I do can anybody help me save it?
It sounds doomed, but a very light misting and a 10 degree decrease in temperature couldn't hurt.
Did you get the part that has roots?
How big is it?
Is it flowering?
No I didn't I got like three feet down from the head.
It was about 6 feet tall know it about three.
It's just starting to bud u can see all of the red hairs.
Sorry amigo, it's a no-go.
The part you got doesn't have the energy to grow roots; without roots it's dead.
All is not lost however. You can smoke the buds and cook with the rest.
there really isn't even buds there yet just red hairs. I don't think my friend knew what he was doing. He had the plant for about 9 months and it still hasn't budded.
When a marijuana plant matures doesn't have anything to do with how old it is.
I happens as fall approaches, like right now.
My suggestion: read up on cultivation and grow your own. If you plant outside (wait til spring) all you'll have to invest is a seed.
thanks growin inside right now and workin great.

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