i need some help i got caught with some weed paraphanilia

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Feb 23, 2006
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today at school we had a police dog come by and it sniffed my back pack and it found zig zags and a metal cap used for a bowl with resin in it.. i got suspended and my whole family knows now.. and ima get in hardcore trouble buut what happends if they find zig zags and a bowl with resin in it.. they cant prove that i smoke unless they pee test me.. the stuff was my friends anyways and i should have said the zig zags were for ciggeretes but what about the bowl? earlier they asked me what a zig zag was for i just said rolling thats it so what hsould i do
you should have said, you smoke diffrent kinds of tobbaco ,in the pipe.special expensive tabbaco,kidda like custom,and the cig zags are the same,you should say the chemicals in ciggerett filters .make you sick,if they asked why your eyes were red,tell them you got allegies and you take allegra for it
That is not a good thing.
Did the police arrest you?

If they did I would imagine for a first offense (I guess it depends on the state you are in)
you would probably get a fine, probation and community service.

Check out norml.org. They may have some answers.

This is just my opinion and in no way represents what actually happen.

Good luck to you.
nah the police didnt arrest me they didnt even find bud they just found zig zags and the metal bowl.. i wasnt faded either i was jss going to school till some dumbass dog came and sniffed my backpack and found zig zags and the metal bowl..

they were like whats this (zig zag)
i said.. paper to roll?
then the metal bowl
i was like i dont know thats my friends and they were like yeah for marijuana
i was like i dont know..

and the police didnt come but like the person who brought the dog was a chick and she wrote some stuff about illegal drug paraphanilia or something
15 why wsup? your probably gnna say im too young to smoke or somethin huh? haha if you are theres like a grip of kids smoking some younger then me.. if not sorry fo assuming.. im faded
oh hell nah i was smoking just before i turned 13,but it does matter your age and how old you carry yourself .if they think your a little kid ,they will jump all over you.if they think your smart ,and got some sense.you will be treated 10 times better
ohh alright lols .. so what am i suppose to do i have a conference with the principal and the superintendent on monday with my aunt and uncle.. if they ask if thats my shit what should i say? its mine or nah .. because all of em think it is and then if they ask if i smoke weed ima say no . well tell me what u would do cuhs im cluesless
Thats your judgment call, just remember it takes ten lies to get outa one lie. then you have 10 more lies for each one you told to get out of those. See the trend. If it was me. Just say. "I am not saying anything or admitting anything. Now what do we do about the situation?" Thats it. they can't make you say anything. Just keep your mouth shut is what I would do. then your not a liar either. Don't give them anything to hold over you.

Then lay low for a looooonngg time.;)

edit: keep the shit outa school. Your there to learn. graduate and get a job. Whats the point of bringin shit to school? They mean "drug-free zone" for a reason. It means keep everything out of the school area. Or they are going to make an example outa ya.
i am not saying your to young to smoke i started when i was about your age. i am just say think before you act. beat the system dont let it beat you B/C they will try to make an example outa you, just like mutt said.

good luck keep you head up
later man
thanks .. oh im meetin up a probation officer what should i say if he/she ask if i do drugs what should i say? i smoked weed hardcore and im stopping after this sack around like a dime left. and will they pee test me right there on the spot the day i meet up at the probation office and will the school pee test meon the spot for the conference
soofaded said:
thanks .. oh im meetin up a probation officer what should i say if he/she ask if i do drugs what should i say? i smoked weed hardcore and im stopping after this sack around like a dime left. and will they pee test me right there on the spot the day i meet up at the probation office and will the school pee test meon the spot for the conference
You are the one who brought this stuff into a school. What in the world were you thinking about? Now, I just keep hearing you ask if you should tell a bunch of lies. What is it you want someone to tell you, to lie your ass off and make the situation even worse than it is? By bringing the stuff into your school, you've proven yourself to be not so bright. Now you're going to look them in the eye and tell them a bold faced lie?

You've got 3 years to go before you get out of high school. Just put the weed down and get on with your life. You've got so much attention drawn to you because of YOUR bringing it into your school, to do anything else would just make you look even stupider.

Damnit, just go in and face up to what you've done. Look at them and honestly say, "Yes, I smoke Marijuana on a regular basis and I like it. Yes, I know now that I shouldn't have came anywhere near a school with this stuff and I'm sure sorry I did."

They will appreciate your honesty and maybe cut you some slack because of it. Stop trying to lie your way out of responsibility for your own actions. They will see right through your lies and you'll be in even more trouble than you are now.

Stick to the truth. To do less will only make you look worse.

Mutt, that was damn good advice. I sincerely hope he listens to you and I. You're much more tactful than I am, but I keep hearing this kid ask if he should be a LIAR.

Nuff said.
they may think your a dumbass for telling the truth,i had damaged some property out side of school wasnt even on school property ,somehow it got back to the school,the pricible ask me did i do it,i said yea ,and ended up on probation.you notice when you lie and tell the truth ,they punish you.but if they cant get a story,they may send you home,because there pissed that they cant get a story out of you.they do give it up to you for being honest,you might as well be honest ,they caught you with the shit on you.how you going to explain that.they may even send you to court,but i think thell probally let this slide and punish you in school.
gqone333 said:
they may think your a dumbass for telling the truth...
Educated adults don't think that way man. They respect you for being honest. Only uneducated kids and adults that ARE dumbasses think that way.
hahahahaha that was cute. I woulda kicked the fucker too.
he cant lie anyway ,he got caught red handed,it is better to tell the truth,but certain situations,let say you commited fraud ,they suspected you but had no proof,you goin to admit and go to jail.all for some dumb candy ass .who doesnt give a shit about you,just trying to help career.trust me my freind jail not a place you want to be .dont drop the soap.lol.
since your young you go to juve ,juve aint shit but a playground unless you go downstate .certain things you just dont tell.it makes you look bad.but everbody hates a liar and a thief
they didnt catch me with weed though. only zig zags but yeah im probably gnna tell the truth but then my family would be like damnn hes a pot head .. cuhs they thought i quit a while back .. sucks haha like someone said 1 lie = 10 lies or something yeah but im quitin

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