If you could????

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Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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If you could, what place on earth would you visit???

Mine would be Mayan Temples is S. Americs.

What be yours?
The Great Pyramid of Egypt...hmm?.....yeah definately.
daaaaaaamn what a hard one

I'd like to say somewhere in europe, but most of that stuff will be there for quite sometime longer....ill have to come back to this one
it wouldn't be to visit but i'd spend my lazy days on the beach somewhere in Jamiaca...
Kickin it back... Gone just smokin'....
ever since i was a little kid i wanted to go to Jamica and kick it at Bob Marleys house... His wife Rita still gives tours to this day no lie. I would smoke all the kronik i could by and any in sight and i would try and go see some Rastafari elders, and just see their cultre. How nice eh?
irie_kona_gurl said:
spain but im on the butiful islands of hawaii
If I bring my stash, can I come and visit you, IKG? I won't get in the way! I can cook!
how about the playboy manchine for about a year .

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