Im Back And Freeeee

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Apr 1, 2005
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OMG i hated it in juvenile detention so boring and all i could think about was how much weed i was gonna smoke when i got out anyway im 16 now and i really dont kno why but ive been out for 3 days and every day me and my freinds smoke like a half ounce together they say its to welcome me home hey i cant complain im glad im alive still i got stabbed in there some kid i beat up a weak before took a pen and stabbed me that psyco well its good to be out and free someone welcome me back and send me some seeds
^^^^^America's future, folks^^^^

Be afraid, be very very afraid.
GanjaGuru said:
^^^^^America's future, folks^^^^

Be afraid, be very very afraid.

I hate to bag on the guy, but it might be relevant to note that if he ends up in the slammer again, it will probably be for MJ possesion. Stabs a guy with a ball point pen, and he'll walk.

Welcome back to the real world, dude. Remember that at your age, your anger against anything or anyone is probably misplaced. Ignore those feelings when you get angry, and go smoke a doob. (but not a 1/2 oz. a day, for chrissake)
IF ya dont mind my asking ... what were u in for?
i really wish i did not here that you were 16. it makes me sad to know you havent lived life yet and already decided ruin it .maybe try to use your money on education.

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