is smoking dangerous?

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my friends and i were smoking weed when out of nowhere one of them went completely limp and crashed to the floor, he was out for at least 4 minutes.. ive never heard of anything like this happening, does anybody know what could have happened??
its a shortage of oxygen it is all cool its like painting a house with the windows closed you cant breath tell your freind to take a couple breaths of fresh air before he takes another hit he just passed out from lack of oxygen i bet when he woke up he had a killer headache when you are clam baking a room car etc. try opening a window just a little bit
i thought it could have been lack of oxygen, but i didnt think it would have lasted for so long. when he fell down, he landed directly on top of an aquarium, smashing all the glass, and he didnt show any signs of life for 4 minutes. we all thought he had a heart attack or somthing.
my girlfriend suffers from this phenomenon once in awhile. she went to the hospital one time for it, and the Dr. told her that it was a drop in her blood sugar level. so i keep my woman from passing out by making sure she drinks some soda or eats a candy bar or something
dont worry nothin serious happened, im allowed to blaze at my house and when theres new comers that come there to hit the many bongs i have some weird shit happens, ive had people just faint, pass out, puke, cant feel their bodies and some very weird comments lol. there just rookies or havnt smoked alot of weed in bongs, cause if ur new to bongs and u have a big sesh and ur not used to all that smoke going straight to ur lungs it can really have an effect you
ive had the same thing happen to me, or maybe. For me it is the blood sugar thing. Its happeend a few times in my life, it sux. Weed definatly triggers it, im 35 and its happened about 5 times sinse i started smoking as a teen.
Various cannabinoids are known to tax your bodies supply of certain nutrients, and can affect your blood-sugar level. Its a bad idea to smoke on a completely empty stomach, and a *really* bad idea for certain people. If its a problem for anyone you know, get them to at least drink some juice and have some bread 20 minutes before they smoke.
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not really i think it is healthy it`s the best damn medicine around and it`s all natural
I'm about to bring back up a thread thats 5 months old but what the hell..why not.
I've seen many people puke,pass out,piss themselves after hitting a bong
I've even seen some dude have a seizure after hitting a bong that was filled with some Lemon Drop.
I dont think that weed is dangerous since its a gift from mother nature but i do know it does different things to different people and if i was at my house and i had a garden going.i definitly wouldnt be having people,much less kids over toking for the first time in my house.just not a good idea =) but anyways,just thaught i'd throw my opinion on here-peace
haha wow, ive definitely passed out from lack of oxygen, feels like one insane :bong1: load

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