Is this forum GREEN or what?

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Jan 19, 2005
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I did upload some other templates but I had a hard time setting the green template as default. Last week I changed it and thought it was green, but later I came to notice that I only saw the green forum because they were my settings.

So, do you see GREEN or what?

Please repsond!
thats awsome thats your making the fourm green but its still blue :eek:
i like it alot but is there like a better green color
hmm, no it's hard to change this template. I downloaded it from the net and haven't found anything greener.

If you find another green template for vBulletin then let me know.
I think it's ok, not too green or dark and it doesn't hurt your eyes that much.
Still the text is good to read.
hey your right. it really is green now. i really just now noticed. isnt overgrow vbulletin?
Yes, Overgrow uses vbulletin. If we just get a tiny little of their posts I'm happy :)

It's pretty awesome to see their life vistiors stats, more then 2000 life visitors at one time.

But we're not doing that bad with 19 life visitors as the record.
Yeah, I like this fourm alot but since the switch it seems like we lost a lot of members and information
yes, I know, it seems like not many people did agree what I have done, but I had many problems with that other board that kept taking much of my time.

Maybe it takes some time to get some members and to get it busier here but that's ok.
Ok :)
Lets hope so! We're getting traffic I see. We had a record number of visitors yesterday of 47 at one time on this board. It's too bad that not many become a member at this time.

I think they go away fast because there are not many posts on the forum. I see that also when I visit other forums with not many posts, you will stick longer when you see the forum is full of posts.
This forum will grow. This is sort of the way it was little over a year ago when it first started. I like this forum better than the old one. We will get some data built up eventually. I think a really nice faq section would hold people here a while.
Yes, I agree a good F.A.Q section would be great, but that takes to build.

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