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Went to my brother's this morning and had a 420 session. When I got home, my friend dropped by with a fresh batch of gummies. He doubled the flavoring and used juice instead of water, and they turned out great. Now I am smoking a bowl and relaxing on the couch
Good morning brothers and sisters!

A partly cloudy day starting at 40F and predicted to reach 61F.

One of my little sisters (76) just got a knee replacement but is otherwise healthy and recovering nicely.

Nothing on the agenda for today, but this is the week that my daughter and SIL arrive, as well as my next visit to the pain clinic to review my MRI results and options.
For Jan 😁

Man in this photo was taken in
1946. This guy is Ken Shimizu. He is 35 years old. He has 2 children.
Shimizu never runs. Sleeps late.
Eats whatever he wants. Even drinks beer instead of water. Eat dinner with many kinds of food every night...
What does Shimizu do to get such a body?
Shimizu doesn't have any secrets....Shimizu is the person sitting in the bottom left corner of the photo... As for the man standing in the middle..
I'm not sure😃

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