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Nov 7, 2008
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Just fishing for bites from misfits. Actually just bored and having some fun.
Worked over the weekend so im off today. Sometimes i work from home,,the rest of the time im on projects. Im simi retired i guess.:)
Yep Pute,,thats exactly where i got it from. Loved that xmas movie.

No Aladin weed isnt legal here,,but i dont care one way or the other.
Legal weed screws alot of people,,kinda like Wamart screws mom and pop stores right out of business. Crushes the little guy every time.
At the same time it can keep you out of jail. Personally it hasnt really effected me being illegal. Only been in trouble once with Weed.
Another thing,, my political views are not,nor never will be based on smoking weed legally.
Basically,, im an Independent.
And im keeping this political part of my post about weed,,nothing more.
The nice thing about weed is that It doesn't know what political party it is a member of. Independent??? I don't know how anybody could be independent in these times. As far a being legal ..... it is legal in Colorado but they make it impossible to be compliant with this stupid 12 plant rule. 6 in veg and 6 in flower. Any idiot knows that is impossible to do. Another trap by LEO.
Lol,,,cant pick a hole yet. Ones an ass,,the other cant remember where his ass is.:D
And i could never be bi,,im to old,,,,my ass hurts just wiping it.:eek::D
And stop picking on your Cuz,,,he is just confused. Probably learned it in the Public School System.;)
Sounds like I found a home! As far as misfit, I've been called worse, usually by someone that really doesn't have much going for them. I've always lived life on my own terms, and if that makes me a misfit, so be it. :p
Welcome Woodsrat. Yeah i been called much worse. My Wife actually thinks my first name is Ass-hole.:D
Glad to see you Grasshopper. Every time i see your name i think of that show i use to watch called Kung Fu.;)
Wheres Keef,,i know he is a misfit too. Freaking South texas hillbilly.:p
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Hey Auto I gave myself a avatar. May be help you not to in-vision Kung Fu
I am really a old Hippie with long hair who loves smoking pot and Growing(playing) in the dirt. Organic
All my Blueberries, Blackberries,and Raspberries are all Organic. I have a 18 year old Asparagus patch. And Love growing Tomatoes.
Enough about me. Just a little dialog to get the ball rolling.

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