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For Jan 😁

Man in this photo was taken in
1946. This guy is Ken Shimizu. He is 35 years old. He has 2 children.
Shimizu never runs. Sleeps late.
Eats whatever he wants. Even drinks beer instead of water. Eat dinner with many kinds of food every night...
What does Shimizu do to get such a body?
Shimizu doesn't have any secrets....Shimizu is the person sitting in the bottom left corner of the photo... As for the man standing in the middle..
I'm not sure😃
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Too young and too skinny. My son is older that that kid
Anything over a mouthful is wasted. Wish women felt the same!
I myself, have always been attracted to the petite women, as well.
And, I have known a few.
My CURRENT wife, is perfectly voluptuous, and I couldn’t be happier with our relationship.
We have something special, and we both know it.
Just as I typed this, she reminded me to daub my toe with toenail fungus medicine.
If that ain’t love, I don’t know what is, 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
Love some good hot chilli. Used to be a bar downtown Flint that had some killer chilli. They'd ask if you wanted it hot or hotter. If you said hotter, they dipped from the bottom of the pot. Guess all the hot stuff settled to the bottom. That chilli would light you up twice, once when you ate it and the second time the next morning.

A form without function,
A rhyme with no reason,
Hunting for the truth,
But it is out of season.

An ocean without water,
An island has no shore.
Hidden path inside my mind,
The one I passed before.

A thought without patterns,
A sickness - no cure.
Elusive truth I try to find,
But still remains obscure.

Jagwire - circa 1991
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Anything over a mouthful is wasted. Wish women felt the same!
I love and appreciate most of them, and note that motorboating is easier with a Charley or larger and not for forget ear warming and pillow benefits. I say most, because after a certain size, they are no longer attractive..............................

The most important part is sensitivity..................
Fixin' some 5-Alarm Fire Chili, gonna raise the sheets tonight!
I feel a pot of my 5X5 Chili recipe coming on. 5X5 is radio talk for loud and clear, which it is, relying on 5 Habanero's for heat.
Good morning brothers and sisters!

A gorgeous clear day starting at 41F and predicted to reach 69F.

Off to the gym this morning and a busy week planned. Our landscaper is due to do his annual cleanup, the housekeepers are due Wednesday, as is my daughter and SIL for a week visit, and I have my next pain clinic appointment to review my lower back MRI and neck x-ray Thursday.

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