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I used to occasionally do rain dances on the job on Fridays back in my working days. Almost never failed. Had one general foreman thinking I was a mystic of some sorts. When you've got arthritis, you kinda get a heads up when rain is on the way. :)
Yeah, I've had a weather knee since high school football. Not so much now that they have both been replaced.
Got mine done. 55 bushels outta the back, front, and side yard. Back didn't twinge 'til I had to fill up the bugger. 5 gallon gas cans are the bain of a bad back. If it sat a little taller like the Kubota does, it wouldn't be a problem. Meh.
I finally got my yard work done Monday. I had not been able to mow for two weeks due to rain. Had to mow about two acres in 2nd gear because the grass was about knee high.
Yokes I dont miss those days
PI'd miss the green if'n I lived out your way. Of course, if you're into colors, the painted high plains desert is a thing of beauty, especially heading for sundown.
We do have mountains and the views are beautiful
The one's I saw heading north out of Moriarity looked like stacked pancakes for many hours. Pretty soon, they started getting peaks on 'em. After a few more miles, they started getting taller with snow on 'em. Next thing I know I see a "Welcome to Colorado" sign. Followed a big river north to God knows where, then banged a right and headed eastward to home. One of the best solo scooter trips I've ever been on.

Those pancakes in the high plains had some of the most beautiful colors. If I painted a pic of 'em, you'd swear they were fake.
Smoking some chicken t¡tties on the pitboss
Got 2 plain for the kids, and 2 that have been marinading for 28 hours in parmesam and roasted garlic dressing. 😋
Screenshot_20240515_163129_Pit Boss Grills.jpg
Good morning brothers and sisters!

Another clear day starting at 52F and predicted to reach 70F.

The wet spot in our front garden turned out to be a broken kitchen drain. I have an appointment with a plumber today for a bid to replace the line. A major undertaking involving a lot of digging and wiping out our front flower garden. More digging that Moi is willing to do.................

Breakfast out this morning with Grayfox and NM at the Screen Door.
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