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Remember when they had the Pepsi challenge? My wife pulled one on me just for shits & giggles. I could tell the difference by smelling the cup. Stevie Wonder could tell the difference. I like RC better than Pepsi 'cause it's half way between a nasty tasting Pepsi and a good cola, Coke.
In high school, I studied Spanish so I could build on what I learned on Sesame Street. In college, I studied French so I could be trilingual (should have stuck with Spanish, lol).

But in the College of Worldly Knowledge, I studied Latin. I used it when studying law, and for simple pro se filings (name changes, small claims, etc.), when doing personal research on ancient languages (Phoenician > Egyptian Hieroglyphics > Greek > Latin > English), while studying Thelema, and of course, for scientific classification purposes (sativa, indica 😁)
Haha it's all good Jan. How would you know 🤷🏻
2 are still up in the air but they look male. If female I'm gonna pollinate them and make more.
I only popped 3 2 were males one was freaking huge.
The cryptocurrency app that I have gives some account holders the opportunity to earn free crypto. So, I spent the last hour or so doing lessons/tasks and pulled in almost $20 of free crypto (which I converted to my favorite). The profits from this and my coin sales go towards seeds, soil, nutes, etc.
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Good morning brothers and sisters!

More rain and a day starting at 45F and predicted to reach 63F.

An early appointment with a contractor for a bid on our new front walkway and an invite to a Father's Day seafood buffet at Salty's on the kids and grandkids.

Good food and good company, but even though it is Father's Day, with a mother, daughter, grand daughter, and great grand daughter present, I'm predicting the vivacious and entertaining one year old great grand daughter will again be the center of attention.

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