Island Of Misfits

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You smelling smoke yet, Jan?

You getting your feet wet, Hopper?
No Thats like 2-3 hours North of me in the mountains. We did gave our first thunderstorm of the year it lasted about 15 minutes. My WW I just up potted got decapitated by a kitten.
Good morning brothers and sisters!

Another gorgeous day in PNW Paradise, starting at 57F and predicted to reach 88F.

Met with my last vendor for a bid on the front walk, but have yet to receive the bid. As soon as I see it, I will start placing orders for both the sewer repair and the new walkway. The total if everything goes well is about $6200.

The low bidder on the sewer repairs wants to put a lien on our house before starting work. Their contract also disavows any damages they cause, soooo I will be negotiating with the next closest vendor for a discount that makes them more competitive, while staying accountable.

Dinner out last night at Tein Hong and breakfast out this morning at the Tin Shed.

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