JOCK N WW @ day 47

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Where are all the leaves. You must of trimmed all the leaves except the ones around the buds please explain..

and youve prob noticed but alot of the leaves tips curled
Lookin very nice bizzy!

How much longer you thinking at this point? About 2-4 weeks?
Bubonic it's pretty simple, I got 2 gallons pots with soil mixed with 50% perlite and I got a 1000watt dual spec light for flower. I also installed a ac until since I got the 1000watt system. There not that big since I vegg them under 400watt mh.

Insane I already flushed the white widow. I am going to cut it down end of next week. and for the Jock they have aleast anothr 3weeks. it takes 10-12wks for them to finish.
ooohhh you must be excited about the ww shes a beauty

you planning on using the 1000watt dual spec light for veg and flower next time?
The jocks were in vegg for 4weeks. For the ww all I remember is it was about 6inches when put in flower. Insane I don't think I will be using the 1000watt system since I am not planning on growing more then 4-6 plants anymore, which I think my 400watt system should do it. Not that I don't want to use the 1000watt and get bigger buds, it's just that there are heat issues that I got to look at. Althought AC goes on ones lights do, but the room still doesn't get cooler then 80F when the light is on and thats with this weather so in summer it be way to hot to use a 1000watt for my setup.
Yeah thats true that would be a lot of heat in the summer
nice plants .youve been very busy bizzy. i wil take youre 1000 off you hands . i have my new grow room in my outside shed and its cold up north . i use a heater just to try and keep it 75 to 80 degrees out there . my new 400 hps should be in within another week . hopefully that will help . good job buddy .
If your gonna have a HPS system in an outside shed would you need to worry about insulating the ballast against moisture?
Thanks everyone. Today @ day 50 I sampled the lower ww buds with few of my smoking buddies, and it layed them out they couldn't walk or talk. I couldn't wait anymore :-D. I'll post some new pics end of next week when I harvest the ww.
ww at day 50? I wouldnt have been able to wait any longer myself! I sure hope your buddies appreciate your growing efforts ;)

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