LA Confindential Scrog

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Jan 15, 2011
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What's up everyone...thought I could share what I have goin on at the moment.

Started to flower 3 weeks ago, she's 66 days old...definitely adapted well to scrog.

Flower chamber is 15"x19"x28" tall, light sits on top totally concealed. both chambers vent into a smaller chamber up to and the air gets scrubbed out.

Soil: Royal Gold Coco Basement Mix
1 gallon smart pot
Light: 150watt HPS
Nutes: Cutting Edge - Micro, Grow & Bloom
Temps are about 83 during the day with light on and drops to around 74-75 at night lights off. It's been real humid here lately and it's been 40-50%.

Here's pics from day 3 of flower till present...she stretched thru the screen about 6-7" after I switched to flower..

110603 (1).JPG

110612 (12).JPG

110612 (15).JPG

110620 (3).JPG

110620 (9).JPG
There's bud sights throughout the whole screen, but it's getting really tough to get a decent shot of the whole canopy...that's a good thing though. It filled out real thick:smoke1:
Nice small set up u got there Burner, plant looks really healthy
Thank bro...the scrog has been fun, it was a lot of tending to while filling up the screen, but it's been nothing but water and watch since the switch
Yeah that looks really good. Nice little micro grow. That is exactly what I am wanting to set up right now, I just haven't had time to do it. How high is yer screen from the top of the pot in the scrog?

Just a suggestion from one of my methods...the two in the other side that look to be about 6" tall? If yu cut the tops out of them now then they will bush out like mad with new branches from all the nodes, and they will push up double colas at the tops. My partner gets trim happy as they get taller and trims back the lower leaves b4 topping and turns the things into what looks like house shrubs. My last group was 3' wide and 2' tall when we switched them to flower, now they are 3'x5' and about 2 weeks from harvest.
Thanks Hushpuppy, the screen is about 8"-9" from top of you can see in the pics though, it pushed the screen up in the middle.

I may top them if they get to be too big. My brother is in the middle of getting a tent situated and he'll be getting them and some of the LA clones in there as well. The California Hash I have outside was topped and she looks like a bush :)
Small update..

They're coming along nice..the stretch has officially stopped I think. They've been at the same height for a couple of days now. :)

110626 (2).JPG

110626 (4).JPG

110626 (7).JPG

110626 (8).JPG

110626 (9).JPG
Nice job burner.....these smaller grows are tougher to do then the bigger ones for me. It's one of the reasons I bought a 6.5 foot tall flower tent. Hats off to ya bro. Oh and LA Con is some of my favorite smoke. I gotta grow her again...very tasty with a solid high.
Thanks Hammy, I appreciate it. The small grows are for sure tough. Too much resctriction....I may run another 1 or 2 in here, but eventually build something bigger or just get a tent. After seeing a few in person and now my brother has one, the urge to get one is kicking in. They're so nice and situated perfect.

Yeah i'm excited about the LA :D ...really wanna get a nice haze going as well. I need something to accompany me with my house and yard work
Just an update...Day 48 of flower they're starting to put on some weight now. Getting very crystally and have amber hairs everywhere. Trics are still clear but starting to turn cloudy. Last two waterings were with molasses as well my bloom formula. Anyway ...i'm thinking they still have another 2 weeks. :) Temps really have been hot this month, were about to get another heat wave this week. High 90's-100 my temps have been hovering 83-86 lights on and dropping to probably 76-80 lights off. Not ideal, but she's staying strong

And by the way, it really doesn't look like much is there, but the whole screen is filled with nugs like the ones in the front, but I can't get the camera in there to take more shots from other angles.

110718 (5).JPG

110717 (11).JPG

110718 (2).JPG

110718 (7).JPG

110717 (12).JPG
Thanks Hammy..can't wait to finish her up
Hey Burner; That girl looks soo nice. Good job man:D What kind of camera are yu using? Those pics are killer, if they were anymore 3D I'd be able to smell'em. Yu got me scratchin at my flat screen tryin to do a scratch n sniff:hubba:
Thanks Hushpuppy lol :D..I'm using a Nikon D3000 (DSLR) ...i'm no expert believe me. I try and mess with some of the settings like f-stop, shutter speed, etc, but it's one of the many many things on my list that I want to tackle.
Your plant looks great, but I don't think I would really call it a scrog, even though you used a screen. Scrogging is used to control height and involves horizontal training. With a scrog, you train the branches to grow horizontally under the screen during vegging. Any growing tips that come through the screen are put back down under the screen to grow horizontally. When you get ready to flower, you let the buds poke up through the screen, thus really having only buds above the screen.

Don't want to disparage your grow as your plant looks great. I just want newbies to know that a scrog is generally grown differently than you have grown your plant.
In the first post you can see in pic #1 he is below the screen on day 3 of flower, should he have continued to push them under for the first 7-10 days of flower??

im just curious scrog is somthing i intend to do eventually.

Like THG said it looks great either way Burner.
dman1234 said:
In the first post you can see in pic #1 he is below the screen on day 3 of flower, should he have continued to push them under for the first 7-10 days of flower??

im just curious scrog is somthing i intend to do eventually.

Like THG said it looks great either way Burner.

Yes, he is below the screen on day 3, but this is only because the growth had not reached the screen yet. To be a real scrog, the screen should have been lower or the plant should have been allowed to veg longer to fill the area under the screen with horizontally growing branches. Actually, I don't think the screen served any purpose at all in this grow. It is pretty much a regular grow that would have been about the same with or without the screen. The screen in a scrog is meant to keep the branches growing horizontally (and this plant has no horizontal growth) and at the same canopy level. Then when you flower, you only let the buds grow up through the screen. You end up with horizontal branches below the screen with tons of buds growing up vertically through the screen. There are very very few branches or leaf material above the screen at all.
Whoa THG thanks for putting me in my place lol!:rolleyes: I guess next grow I'll lower the screen. I did fill it up in veg, but stopped training after i flipped.

I'm thinking to make this a 'true' scrog i should lower the screen, fill it up again, and make sure no vertical growth happens above the screen after the flip?

It seems pretty tough because after the screen was filled about 75-80% and i flipped there was no where for the plant to grow but up...
LOL--I didn't think I was" putting anyone in their place"--just trying to describe a scrog...

Your plant looks wonderful--I'm not sure I would change anything.

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