leaf problems again.... not sure why

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Nov 11, 2007
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hi guys and gals
well here is a few pics of my girls .... they seem to be doing pretty good . i had thrips a couple of weeks ago but there all gone .

Now i have noticed that u have got dying leafs around the botttom of my plants . there 3 weeks into flower and i have made sure my Ph and EC are just right (5.7ph 1.8EC)

pics are close up of 2 plants . IMG_2597.JPG IMG_2600.JPG .IMG_2595.JPG 1 pic looking from top IMG_2601.JPG1 pic of tent with 2 plants out

i reallly dont have a clue whats wrong and dont really know were to start
looks like they could use some Calmag and possably Nitro...How do you check your soil for watering/feeding? They look a bit overwatered

take care and be safe
You have plants in different soils, why is this?

What is that black thing you have on top of the grow container?

How deep is the growing container?

At 3 weeks in, they look pretty good to me Smeg. Couldn't get a good look at the progression of necrosis from the pics.
Smeg, how hot is your cabinet? I just went through an extremely hot - (100+F day, 85 +F night ) three week period, and the bottom two or three side shoots of each plant withered and dried up. As soon as the temps moderated, only 93F day, 80F night, the problem seemed to dissapate. I tried an extra water (I'm in hydro) per day to combat the temps but that didn't help. In my case the problem occurred after transferring plants to flower cabinet from veg cabinet. Veg has t-5's and flower had 600w hps. Hps puts out significantly more heat, and it might take your plants a few days or weeks to recover after shedding such a load of biomass.
Good luck.
I saw something similar in my veg cabinet. I was just running 4x36W cfl's in there and the higher part of the canopy was blocking the light to the lower part of the plants. This with overcrowding and lack of fresh air more or less killed the bottom half of most of the plants in there. The tops were fine & dandy though.
Maybe you have too many plants in there when full & the bottom halves are lacking light??
Just a suggestion. W
I won't swear that this is the case but I had a thrip attack back in the spring and nearly wiped out my crop. They looked just like yer weak pic does. I think it is such a shock to the plants when they come under attack like that, and the thrips seemed to work from the bottom of the plant canopy toward the top. Once the leaves are damaged they don't recover. I had to go in and trim back anything that looked like leaf wilt to stop the plant from trying to save it while trying to flower at the same time. I would suggest a small shot of nitrogen to help them recover as well after trimming. good luck, get well fast mojo to ya
I think that a pH of 5.7 is too low if you are growing in soil.
Keep an eye out for those thrip to return. They are sneaky little buggers, and they will appear almost out of nowhere and attack with a vengence. I wiped out an attack (I thought) back in the spring, and a couple weeks later they reappeared.

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