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May 4, 2006
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Using bag seed (poor quality) and going on 3 weeks old, my seedlings are pretty small, some toasted on the leaf tips and a couple tall and scrawny. Some didnt even grow any leaves after the first germination set, weird.

Im monitoring PH, Humidity, Temperature (ambient and under the light), light intensity, and PPM of the nutrient solution.

Im learning that PH is very important, mine was at 4 just a minute ago, locking out nitrogen, slowing growth. I also had the halide too far away at first, so i brought it down. Maybe most important I had a PPM of 1500+ and before I realized it, i had some nasty burn. I now have the PPM around 600, the PH around 6 and a temperature of 80. Ive been battling with the temperature all afternoon. I cant seem to get it down below 80, ive cut the bottom floor of the house off from the AC, that only bought me a few degrees. Ive opened up the attic to let hot air up, and that did only a little good.

My root temperature zone is a little high, still nothing I can do about that on a permenant basis. Only float an ice pack inside the tank lowering it a couple degrees. So i got some guard solution, to protect the roots from fungi hopefully it works.

Although Im bummed about the quality of this seed, and the mistakes I made, it is my first grow and im looking forward to getting good seed and working harder next time.

Good Growing!
Yeah sounds like you are learning good luck and
Happy growin my first grow 3 years ago was hard
too but the more you learn the beter you get!! so
Keep at it Peace Kindbud

I am not sure exactly what is goin on in your grow.
80F is ok. mid 70's is optimum but I rarely get my grow down that far. O'wise my AC bill would be high. SE region. My plants still grow great @ 82F (mid-day).

As far as the tall and scrawny sounds like not enough light.
PPM and stuff sounds like you doin hydro.
Can you elaborate on you grow set up by answering the questions posted here http://www.marijuanapassion.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1449 and posting the answers in this post so we have a better understanding of what is going on?
MaxiGrow and MaxiBloom, flora guard and KLN root hormone
Sunmaster MH 400 watt
6-6.5 PH
3 weeks into growth
48% humidity
aprox 13x13 foot room, one 18" oscillating fan blowing over plants, one 20" box fan blowing air in from outside the room.
PPM 400~
18/6 Lighting schedule with constant spray watering from the aeroponics

I assume that i might have poor seed, combined with any mistakes made at the first couple weeks would hurt my growth. Hydro is not for beginners, but ive had success with other plants so im learning every day with pot.
Yes I do not think that temps are the problem with your scrawny one as Mutt said. You just do not have enough light for this amount of space. For veg you should be in the range of 30-50 watts per square foot. You are at less then 2.5 watts per foot. That just will not work.

you have to remember, which a lot of people forget, when you calculate your lighting requirements, you have to calculate them for the enitre area that will be lit, and not just were your plants are. You are going to have to buy some poly sheeting and a tarp zip up, to create a room in a room.
Your goal is to create a room with a footprint of about 4 X 2', which would put you at 50 watts per square foot. Any thing more then 4 X 4 is just not going to work.

I have had to do the same thing, my room is 11 X 10, but using the method I discribed I cut my room to 8 X 4.5, in which I have 2000 watts of HPS lighting. this puts me over 50 watts per square foot.

To help with rez temps you will be able to keep your rez outside of your lit area with will reduce the temps in the rez, but we can deal with that once we deal with the light.
Ok i can get access to poly sheets, i have one on the window right now, black on one side, white on the other. 8 mill plastic. I would basically need to just hang that from the ceiling from hooks right? allow maybe half an inch for heat to escape?

I think this is part of my problem, however all my plants are nutrient locked im sure. Ill give it one more week until i pull them and order new seed.


I have another room, my walk in closet, measuring about 7 x 7. Its accessed through the bathroom with no windows around.

I would set up in there however im concerned about the heat factor. There is an AC duct in the bathroom right outside the door of the closet. Theres also another duct in the closet itself. It might work actually. What do you think?
Are you using any type of fan to vent your area?

Yes you could hang the poly sheeting from hooks, what I do is use a staple gun to attach it to the ceiling and the walls, and it works perfect.

You will need an exhaust fan with a 400 watt light. You will need something that can move around 200 cfm( cubic feet per minute). Next you need to vent the air into the attic with the fan, or something like that. I just used that as an example, but the hot air has to be sucked from your grow area.

Also yes your closet would work, but you will need suitable ventilation
i dont think that is possible. I use 2 fans in the room, one to blow over the plants and light, the other to bring cool air from outside the room.

The reflector doesnt accept glass, so it cant be fitted for an exhaust fan. I could just hang a 4" hose from the attic to the vicinity of the light, and fit it with an exhaust.

What do u think?
No I did not mean you needed an air cooled light, I just mean that with a 400 watt light, you have to vent your area, with an exhaust fan. Either an inline fan, or squirril cage blower or good muffin/ axial fan.
It is better to use a fan to exhaust and use a passive intake, then use a passive exhaust and a fan for intake.

That would work if you used the hose and exhausted to the attic
Even with a room temp of 78-80, id need more than the oscillating and box fan?

Would a bathroom exhaust fan work?
square shape case with a 20" fan in it, opened in the front and back. Sits on the floor at a 90 degree angle.
A bathroom fan could work, but you need to find one strong enough that does not use a lot of electricity
hey dood. im new here and i honestly dont know how to post a question. can u help me??? this site seems strait like a mo fo
Also I forgot if you are growing aeroponically then you have to get those temps down under 75. That is one drawback of aero, is that you MUST control temps or your roots will rot very quickly.

Are your roots still white and healthy?
Heres an idea.

I can grow in my walk in closet, like i said it has an AC vent. Outside the closet is the bathroom, with another AC and an exhaust fan. Do you think i could control the temperature better in that room?

Yeah the roots are healthy right now, with just an ever slight hint of yellow. But nothing I could consider rot, not yet anways. I change the solution every 7 days and have hydroguard in with it. That should slow any fungus that would eat at the root, or bacteria that would cause rot.

Heres 2 pics of the same root:

Basically as long as you can extract all of the air from your grow room and replenish it with new air, then you will be cool. If not you will just be circulating the same stale hot air, that is lacking in the vital carbon dioxide that the plants leaves need to breath.
Maybe im better off with a soilless mix and concentrating more on the actual plant than my system. I have an ebb and flow system that measures 1x3. I could pack that full with about 15 plants. Since im not selling any product, large quantity wont be necessary.

The aeroponics can be used as my cloner too i guess. Its kinda discouraging to see people making great success in regular soil when I have decent high tech stuff and fail at it. I know aeroponics is very touchy, and the air temp seems to be the only thing I cant control to a tee.
dood i wouldnt even be wastin my time with low grade seeds. if for some reason u were to get cought at least it were be for good sh!t
happy smokin'

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