light leak help please!

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Mar 28, 2011
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so i closet full at end of room with lights on 6am-6pm,
im usually in my room after 7pm on most days so i have to have lights on to see.
ive put up a big blanket plus penguin poly to try and block light and i thought it was doing ok... till i got anxious and pulled a bud to dry.. broke it open, had a seed. i flipped. i have no idea how many there are in crop, but i have 2 and half weeks left. i was wondering if i put a green light bulb in room light, would i have to worry bout light being on?
you gotta stay out of the room when lights are out, why not flip your schedule so they are on 6pm-6am.
You may have stressed your plants into hermieing if you aren't keeping your dark room dark. In my opinion the damage is already done,Carry on doing what you have done the 2 next weeks isn't going to make a bit of difference now if they already hermed and pollinated your crop..
is there a way to check how much damage is done?
i think i will switch light cyles next run, will it make a difference now? as frank said i think the damage is done, but green light wont help preventing more damage?
no it wont matter IF it hermied it will stay hermied, flip them next run.
i just took a bud right next to it, there was only 1 pod but the seed was so tiny you wouldnt know unless you were lookin for it, this mean not whole crop ruined? the first one i took was right next to intake fan on ground which prob got the most light
thanks for advice too dman and frank =]
How have you determined that you only have 2-1/2 weeks to go? I would anticipate that you are going to have an extended flower time because of the disruption of the dark for so long. I would run an extended dark period now and get your lights on a cycle that YOU can work with rather than waiting until your next grow. Do not disturb the dark cycle for any reason.
they started feb 21 and i was plannin on cutting april 21st (wish i started a week earlier >.<)
why extended dark?
so you think i should switch light cycles now? how long would you suggest the light cylce be?
wont switching lights now cause alot of stress ---> more hermie??
Am I reading correctly that the closet is separate from the bedroom you're reading in, has mostly the light blocked out? If this is the case, how have you determined you have light leak?
no closet on one end of room, bed on other. one room
i dont even turn on the ceiling light, i use lamp pointed at ground, but light bounces everywhere, even over blanket wall..
707NewGenGrower said:
no closet on one end of room, bed on other. one room
i dont even turn on the ceiling light, i use lamp pointed at ground, but light bounces everywhere, even over blanket wall..

Does the closet have a door? I just close my closet doors then drop a blanket over that, Im sure the lights blocked out.
it had 2 sliding ones, but im running 2 600's in the closet and with the doors on it was in the 90's
i took the doors off and put poly over it. but i noticed zipper leaked, exhaust fan hole, and intake
its sitting at perfect 75 with 50 humid during day with poly but now light was prob
i just switched light cycle to 7pm on 7am off and put up more poly
hopefully crop will be ok
thank you all for advice and suggestions!
You should leave your doors on.During the day open them and cover it with a blanket so it stays cool, when the lights are off the temps will drop way below 90 so heat wont be an issue anymore , so you could close the door and cover it with a blanket to block any light. Hope this makes sense seems like I am rambling now. lol

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