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Aug 17, 2005
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I have been veging my plants on 24 hour light for 2 months and training them low. They are bushy and absolutly reak even though they have no buds. I want to switch to flowering light 12/12. My question is: should I just switch over, or gradually ween them down and in what incriments?? Weening sounds like a pain in the ass can I just go strait to the 12/12 or what? My grow room is full of moblie air fresheners to control odor I was wondering if anyone else does this and if affects taste of weed? I really don't want my smoke to taste like butterfly garden or tropical morning or maybe I do.....
i would wait for more advice but i used to think you had to wind'em down. But most people told me u can just switch over. Hope it's good. Also wat kind of lights did you use?
I belong to a group of half a dozen growers and that's one of the many technique's we tried.
Concenses: Gradual cutting down on light cycle is a waste of time.

Continue to use veg nute's 2.5 weeks into 12/12.
Concenses: Gradual cutting down on light cycle is a waste of time.
total agreement. Only serves to lengthen the harvest time by about 2 weeks.
thank guys Time to switch these little bitches over. I ve never grown indoors the smell is ******* outragous and will probally get much worse I guess Ill hve to seal my attic vents when they start budding.
dont forget, they will probably tripple in size during flowering. keep an eye on them and dont let em get into any lights. i usually have to tie mine over to keep em short enuf.
The plants are supposed to stay under a meter. They are called "Fat Bastard" and I couldn't be happier they are definatly fat and low and the stems are purple I have four of them under a 400w hps they grew at an unbeleivable rate even in a 110 degree attic they are about 18 inches tall with a tree trunk like stem thats gotta be 1/2" in diameter. ******* beautiful I am major stoked and hope they are females! Thanks for all the help

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